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Have you ever been in a situation where you step into a space and you either have a good or bad vibe about it? It’s because each space carries its own invisible energy. Feng shui, which is based on ancient Chinese Metaphysical texts, carries the wisdom that some spaces support you by being a place to get back to center, where you can get stronger, be more creative and loving – a space where things just flow….. Others might lead you or even compound your feelings of being stuck, where you feel physically, emotionally and even intellectually-drained, like a fish swimming against the current.  I will be your guide to pinpointing the areas in your living or business space that either supports you or breaks you. A properly feng-shui’d area means working with the energy that you have in your space and can lead to shifts in your health, career, finances and even love life.


Feng shui works – if you work it right!


How's your qi based on your Three Divine Luck? If you've been trying to manifest more health, wealth and love in your life but are not seeing the results that you seek, you may be having blockages in one ( or more ) of thee Divine Luck.

This video is a deeper dive into each of the Three Divine Luck to help you figure out the potential missing piece of your manifesting puzzle.

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Get INSTANT ACCESS to my printable calendar ( in PDF format ) that:

- will help you keep track of the astrological animals of the days and months
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- has instructions on how to determine your Personal Clash Days
- helps you keep track of the Twelve Day Officers with guidelines on how to use them
- keeps you updated with the monthly Flying Star Feng Shui energetic blueprint

Use this to help you pick auspicious dates for personal activities such as travelling, starting a new project or job, sending out resumes, selecting auspicious business days etc! A proper feng shui enthusiast should never be without a good Feng Shui Calendar!

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