Safrina Kadri is a classically-trained feng shui consultant and coach, helping feng shui enthusiasts, spiritually-minded individuals and businesses create change in their lives by shifting their Inner and Outer Qi.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs! Are you still using ‘hope marketing’ to attract your clients with little to no results ( or profit ) to show for it?

I’ve been a classical feng shui consultant for 8 years now and I can tell you one thing for sure. I can feng shui up the yin yang ( pun intended ) but I won’t be able to quantum leap my business unless and until I have a proven system to help me generate leads 24/7, solidify my product or service as the go-to solution, and increase my visibility in my marketplace many times fold.

Let’s face it, if clients can’t find you, your business is as good as dead.

Join me in my FREE presentation where I will share with you my 3 Pillars of Business Success – a HOLISTIC business building system that beautifully combines the yin and yang aspects of entrepreneurship.

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2016 is Year of the Fire Monkey and many experts are forecasting this to be a challenging, stressful year for many. You’ve missed my live webinar on this where I packed 4 hours with all you need to make sure you rock your feng shui placements for the new year for peak success!

During this 4-hour jam-packed presentation, you will learn :

– where are the main prosperous directions in 2016 and how to activate it
– where are the negative energies and what you need to place to remedy it
– how to do water placement based on the facing and the period of your home
– how to do basic date selection based on my 2016 Feng Shui and Astrology Calendar so you do all your important activities on the best days possible

There were some really great questions asked during the live webinar so you’ll be learning some very interesting tidbits as well!

You can still purchase the webinar replay HERE! With this webinar you will also get a complimentary copy of my 2016 Feng Shui and Astrology Calendar, as well as a workbook for you to follow along the webinar so you don’t miss any juicy feng shui tips!


2016 Feng Shui and Astrology Calendar

This Annual Monthly Planner makes a great personal Tong Shu or Chinese Almanac companion. Any feng shui and bazi enthusiast will find this planner a great basic date selection tool to keep track of your good and unfavourable days in 2016.

This calendar highlights Daily Four Pillars, Monthly Flying Stars, Year Breaker Days, Month Breaker Days and Dong Gong date tracker.

Don’t know how to use this specialized calendar? Do not worry! A sequence of tutorial videos will also be sent to guide you on how to maximize usage of this calendar, PLUS how to determine your personal Heavenly Wealth Days ( great for activities related to finances such as sending out resumes and setting business meetings ).

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Feng shui and law of attraction

Set your home up for peak financial flow! Learn to give your financial reality a boost in just 12 weeks with my Boost Your Wealth Qi online programme so you can finally release the breakdowns and see money breakthroughs!

*** NOTE : Registration currently closed. Click HERE to get on the waitlist!

Check out my FREE monthly webinars where I will talk about Feng Shui as well as Law of Attraction – I believe when you do BOTH of these inner and outer qi work, YOUR LIFE IS BOUND TO CHANGE!

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What you need to know about bedroom feng shui to attract health, wealth and love!

  ( You’ve missed the live webinar BUT replays are available. Claim your recording here! )

About this FREE webinar

Learn how to properly feng shui your bedroom using classical feng shui methods! At the end of this 2-hour webinar you will walk away with tips and techniques on how to deal with:

– how to deal with tricky bedroom layouts ( windows, en-suites, corners etc )

– best sleeping positions ( Secret : it’s not always based on your kua number! )


PLUS, at least ONE HOUR of question and answer where you can show me your pictures / layouts ( instructions will go out on where you can send this info ) so I can give you bedroom feng shui advise personalized to you!

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In this 2-hour webinar you will learn:

Why it is necessary for you to release and FULLY let go of that which no longer serve and support you from a feng shui as well as a mindset perspective
Uncover your conscious and/or subconscious money sabotages, negative financial beliefs and traumas
A powerful energy healing tool to stop the negative mind chatter that keeps you stuck in money fears and worry

“Stick with me, we’ll wade through the myths and I’ll show you the TRUE way of practising this thousands-year-old wisdom of ancient formulas and calculations –  no more ‘fast food feng shui’!”

– Safrina Kadri, Chief EnerQi Officer, Feng Shui And Prosper


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