Safrina Kadri is a classically-trained feng shui consultant and coach, helping feng shui enthusiasts, spiritually-minded individuals and businesses create change in their lives by shifting their Inner and Outer Qi.


Bedroom Feng Shui – FREE Webinar!

Are you confused about bedroom feng shui?

Frustrated about proper bed placement? Moved your furnitures so much your family thinks you need an intervention?

Or maybe you’re confused about structural issues in the bedroom, maybe the windows, the doors, maybe you have an en-suite that’s making the bed placement a little bit tricky. Maybe there’s some poison arrows that are in your bedroom that are maybe not very friendly and is pointing right towards the bedroom and you’re not sure if that’s is something that is potentially blocking auspicious energy from you.

Why is bedroom feng shui so important? Of all the spaces that you have at home, you’re sleeping there so your body is absorbing at least 6 hours, or maybe even 12 if you’re lucky, every night. Absorbing the energy of the room. Because of that, you’d want to make sure that the qi in your bedroom is as auspicious as possible for you!

You’ve missed my live webinar on Bedroom Feng Shui BUT you can access the replay HERE!!!

“Stick with me, we’ll wade through the myths and I’ll show you the TRUE way of practising this thousands-year-old wisdom of ancient formulas and calculations –  no more ‘fast food feng shui’!”

– Safrina Kadri, Chief EnerQi Officer, Feng Shui And Prosper

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