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Holistic Manifesting with Chinese Metaphysics


Video Transcription:


Hi everyone, my name is Safrina Kadri and I’m your classical feng shui consultant. And today I want to go through with you some very basic but very important information with regards to Chinese metaphysics and obviously feng shui will be part of that Chinese metaphysics.

It’s something that I firmly believe in. So the information that I’m going to share with you on this Google Hangout is something that I’ve alluded to in previous articles and my previous videos but I wanted to do a deeper dive into what’s called the Three Divine Luck in Chinese metaphysics – the ‘Tian’, ‘Di’ and ‘Ren’.

Why this is very important is because in my years of spiritual discovery and self discovery and wanting to have a better control in manifesting what ultimately happens in my life, I’ve come to realize that holistic manifestation is very important if we want to see better results and more permanent results as well.

And in Chinese metaphysics, the ‘Tien Di Ren’ is very very important. ‘Tian’ is sky or Heaven Luck. ‘Di’ is earth and that is where feng shui comes in, the energy of… the energy that we surround ourselves in. And then there’s ‘Ren’, ren means Mankind Luck, meaning our actions, our decisions, our inner world or any emotional or mental struggles that we may have in terms of wanting to achieve that which we desire.

So I’m going to go through that one by one.

Part of the reason why this is very important information and usually when people first start reaching out to me to do a feng shui consultation, I go through with them this exact information because I want all my clients to be crystal clear that while feng shui is great, it can boost your luck in terms of health, wealth, relationships and career, it’s not the end all and be all. If you do above and beyond feng shui then you’re likely to see better results.

How I came about this, just to share with you really quickly how I came about with this realization is years ago, when The Secret exploded and I’m sure a lot of you probably have heard of The Secret, this huge media and marketing phenomenon all about Law of Attraction. And it’s all about thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive emotions, to visualize, to be clear in terms of what you want. Now, I still do believe that the Law of Attraction works, but what The Secret was sharing with the world was just skimming the surface and at that point we devoured, my husband and I, we devoured anything that we can get in terms of Law of Attraction. We have our vision board, we… I do my meditation, I do my affirmations and things like that. Certain things came to fruition, but it was more of a hit and miss. So it came to a point where we’re like, “okay, you know what, this Law of Attraction thing… I don’t think it works”. So I forgot about it.

And then I was introduced to this guru in India who supposedly has very powerful meditations and mantras to also help you manifest. In health, wealth, career, relationship and love. So I gave it a try. I went to meditation circles and practiced faithfully at home, I did my mantras 108 times every day more than once a day. I realized while I was at the meditation circle, there were people there who have been involved in these practices much longer than I have and I will hear their conversation and they’re still having some challenges, still being stuck in certain areas. So I wasn’t discouraged, but I realized that it wasn’t the magic bullet that I was looking for. And how many of us are thinking that? We’re thinking that, you know, we’re seeking outside of ourselves constantly, books and seminars and self-development coaches or this guru or that guru…. trying to find that one magic bullet tool that will change our lives forever.

I have to admit I was one of those before and so when I was at the meditation circle and I realized that it gave me and it gave people some relief and release in terms of what they were trying to change – it wasn’t that magic bullet.

So then I kind of transitioned out of the mantras and chanting and visualization and meditation.

And then I did feng shui. And as you’ve heard in my previous stories, years and years ago when I started doing feng shui and I would periodically forget about it, I would see it sometimes happening for me and sometimes it didn’t.

And so I took a step back after years and years, lots of time invested in self development and being spiritually-open and being spiritually-inquisitive, so I started asking myself, “Okay, meditation’s been around for thousands of years. It must work if people still believe in it! Law of Attraction, people have been talking about positive thoughts and positive thinking also for at least hundreds of years, I’m sure there’s some truth to that. And also feng shui, the Imperial Palace has been using the feng shui also for thousands and thousands of years, it was so powerful it was kept secret from the lay people. It must work! But why did it not work for me?!”

My ah-ha moment was when I realized that I was doing them one at a time. I wasn’t doing them together. And when I did my certification course as a feng shui consultant that ah-ha realization went even deeper and I co-related that with the Tien ( Heaven Luck ), Di ( Earth Luck ) and Ren ( Mankind Luck ). And that was a huge lightbulb moment.

So when I first started using all these tools together, 5 minutes in the morning to do my meditation and visualization, being aware of my thoughts and feelings throughout the day, ending my night with another 15 minutes meditation or visualization, writing into my gratitude journal and doing my mantras and making sure that my feng shui is good. When I started doing all that, I started seeing things really started to shift. And when I started to share it with my clients, the ones who would also manifest holistically and I’m going to share with you in a minute, they also saw huge shifts in their lives.

So let’s talk about Heaven Luck.

What is Heaven Luck?

There’s a lot of school of thought out there that sways Heaven Luck are things that you can’t change. For instance, what kind of family you’re born into, are they loving are they rich, are they not so financially stable, or maybe not so emotionally stable even. What part of the world are you born into – a person born in North America would have different sets of possibilities compared to a person born in Asia or Africa or South America.

And also, based on the date and time of birth, if you look at your Chinese astrology, it also gives us a really good big picture in terms of what kind of energetic potential we were handed based on the time that we were born. So that’s Chinese astrology which is also part of Heaven Luck.

Now going back to the previous point of a lot of general school of thoughts saying how Heaven Luck is non-changeable which is probably a little bit more easy for us to understand but if you’ve ever heard of this wonderful spiritual teacher called Caroline Myss, she has a beautiful book called Sacred Contracts that actually says, before we were born in this world as babies, we actually agreed beforehand what kind of family we are born into, who are going to be our parents, who are going to be our siblings, what kind of life experiences – whether the highs or the low point of life that we have agreed to go through in our next embodiment, and THEN we’re born as babies.

So that’s another school of thought which I am more open to believing and again, you may or may not be open to that sacred contract idea, but just… if you are, then definitely check out Caroline Myss’ book Sacred Contracts. I’m going to include the link in the description below this video here so you can also check it out.

And even in terms of your Chinese Astrology if you’ve caught me saying Chinese astrology gives us an insight on POTENTIAL energy. So if someone for instance doesn’t have money in their chart, it doesn’t mean necessarily they can’t make money. They may have to go through certain hurdles but if they make sure that their earth luck is good and their mankind luck is aligned with success, they will very likely have financial stability as well.

I’ve also seen clients who are not supposed to have children. Or at least have very challenging issues in getting pregnant and staying pregnant and they went to other practitioners say, ‘you know what? It’s going to be too hard for you, save yourself the heartbreak, maybe just adopt’. And again, with those instances, once we make sure – awareness is first the key – awareness that you DO have a challenge is one thing. But also the awareness that you can definitely change it as energy is always mouldable. It’s never stagnant, and even if you DO have afflictions in you Chinese astrological chart, you are NOT doomed. You are… none of us are ever doomed in any areas in our lives. I strongly, strongly believe in that and I frown upon practitioners who actually tell their clients that. And believe me, I’ve had practitioners tell them ‘ you will never find love, you’ll never make money, you’ll never do this you’ll never do that’. Never say never. Oh my god I just have that Justin Bieber song in my head, I’m gonna try to get it out of my head!

So think of it as the Chinese Astrology as the cards that you are dealt with. But if you’re smart enough, if you’re resourceful enough and you’re playing that proverbial poker game of life, you can still change the game around and still come out winning in the end.

So we’re not just little chess pieces where an invisible hand says ‘okay you are destined to not meet anyone’, ‘ you are destined to always be poor’… we’re not those little chess pieces to be moved around and have no say in it. So if you have been told that whatever fortune-telling or divination advice that you’ve given where you’re quote unquote doomed in any areas in your life, I’m here to tell you that you can definitely shift the energy. You may have more challenges than other people but if you stay the course, you can definitely change the energy. So again to recap, Heaven Luck is things most people say quote unquote you can’t change and then your Chinese astrological chart which talks about your potential energy in this life.

Now, the second level is Earth Luck. The ‘Di’ part. Earth Luck is feng shui. Your external environment where you work, where you do your business. Where you live. Obviously, everywhere you are, your body interacts with those energies. And these invisible energies, some of them support us in what we want to achieve, and some of them don’t.

How do you know, especially for your home, how do you know if your home has bad feng shui? Now, this is very general, but a fairly good sign that your home doesn’t have good feng shui is if you feel that once you move in, especially as a family, once a whole family moves in, that things just start going downwards. You may have some up moments, but generally they’re down moments. People getting sick, losing jobs, maybe not doing so well in their studies or even in their business. That’s a very good indicator that the feng shui could potentially be wrong.

Now, a lot of the information in terms of feng shui concentrates a lot on the internal environment. Which it is definitely easier to control, but what’s actually more important is the external environment in terms of water formations, even earth formations like do you have hills or mountains around you. And even manmade formations like hydro poles or buildings with really…. with a lot of poison arrows pointing at your house.

External environment actually trumps internal environment because if the external feng shui is very negative, then there’s only so much that you can do in your internal… in your space’s internal feng shui, to make it better.

Obviously it’s a little too much detail for me to share with you here but very general guidelines in terms of external environment, just really quickly, you want to make sure that your front door is protected, that there’s no poison arrows – and you’re talking about T-junctions, you’re talking about big trees in a short distance from your front door right smack in the middle of your door. You’re talking about maybe hydro poles or street lights, anything like that. Or even if you have buildings who are neighbours structurally having poison arrows pointing at your front door, that’s the first and foremost. Because if your front door is unhealthy, then you can’t expect good energy to come in easily.

So that’s the external feng shui – the feng shui that’s outside of your home.

The feng shui that’s inside of your home, THREE main areas that you want to make sure is prosperous and abundant: your front door, your kitchen and your bedrooms.

I’ve had clients where, in their chart, in their Chinese birth chart ( also called bazi in Mandarin, paht chee in Cantonese or also called the Four Pillars of Destiny ). I have clients where in their four pillars they were supposed to make money but they didn’t. And when we took a look at the feng shui, the home was blocking that money energy.

And I also have clients who were supposed to find love, but then the feng shui didn’t align with that. So that’s why it’s very, very important to make sure you don’t rest on your laurels if your birth chart is all positive. You’re going to make money, you’re going to be healthy, you’re going to meet the love of your life. You still don’t rest on your laurels because if your space is still not supporting that, it can still have the possibility of blocking or at least delaying the possibilities of that happening. So feng shui is definitely very, very important. In combination with the energies in your chart.

The third one, I want to maybe spend a little bit more time in because it’s also very important. It’s also probably one of the harder ones to deal with. That’s Mankind Luck – ‘Ren”. That’s our inner feng shui, our inner qi now. What’s the energy inside of us that could be blocking us from success. It could be any fear, or worry, or trauma…. or any lack of self confidence or self image, or maybe too much self doubt. Or even your childhood conditioning. If you’ve not… if you don’t have that internal support to move you towards success, the internal energy can also be another blockage.

Now, classic example, all of us want to make more money. Who doesn’t want to make more money, right? But as a holistic coach as well I also go through these things with my clients.

And I see myself tripping in my self doubt and my fear and worry patterns as well. But for instance, going back to the money… all of us we want to attract more money, more financial success, more financial abundance. But going back to the Law of Attraction, if we doubt our own capabilities, if we doubt our worthiness of being successful, that can be a problem. Or if you grew up in a home where people around you say rich people are evil… money is the root of all evil, or if you want to be spiritual you need to live a simple life or anything like that. And when those tapes, when we’re surrounded by those negative tapes just playing over and over again, we subconsciously pick up on that.

And for instance, you know, ‘rich people are evil’ for instance. Then if you don’t want to be seen as an evil person, it’s really hard for you to be rich even though you know more money can give you more comfort.

And even in myself, when I started doing my business and I knew and I still do know that I have a lot to give, not just because I know I’m properly trained, because I know I have a message that I want to share with people. But when I realized that I was probably holding myself back from another level in terms of building my business, I asked myself “okay, what’s going on in here?” And I realized self doubt was a big thing. Always feeling not good enough. Always feeling that I’m not quite that expert that can start charging more for my services so that people can value what I need to share with them. And there’s also that sense of not being safe in making more money because when I looked back into my parents’ relationship with money, there were pretty dramatic life events so closely related to that financial aspect that really totally changed our family’s life. That it subconsciously made me really, really afraid of making more.

That was a realization where I was struggling to figure out what is it inside of me that’s holding me back. And I was literally on my knees, praying, asking for insights and asking for guidance. And I was literally just walking down the street one day and it hit me and it brought back to when I was thirteen, fourteen to see the financial struggles that my parents were going through and the message that it burned so deeply in my subconscious that I never really thought about it until twenty years later.

So that realization was… it was tough to swallow because realizing that pattern that affected me all this time and having not really thought about it up until then, I realized all this subconscious tapes that’s been playing in my head and my heart, and my soul has been… has not been supporting me even though all these years of going to… reading self-development books and trying to…. going to groups to find more insights and going to all these spiritually-minded people to learn more about… if there’s anything inside of me that’s blocking me. It took that one moment of prayer for me to figure out that traumatic moment in my childhood that was a huge block in making me feel safe in making more money.

So that’s part of the reason why I said that the Mankind Luck portion is the hardest hurdles because we need to ask the hard questions in order to get to the right answers. We need to be strong enough to look at the skeletons in our closets and it’s never comfortable when we’re doing that. We need to see if there are any self-sabotageing patterns in terms of we SAY we want to achieve certain things but internally we’re sabotageing our success.

Another very classic example, I have clients who come to me wanting desperately to fall in love. And we did the feng shui and I did their birth chart. These two separate ladies have obviously very different feng shui and birth chart, but they do have one very similar component in their chart and I called them out on it. And I said, I told them ” You want to be in love but you’re scared of settling. You’re scared of losing your freedom and you’re scared that once you’re in a relationship that a better one comes along and you’re scared of missing out on a better partner”.

They were both shocked because it was something that’s been floating around in the subconscious, that they didn’t realize until that moment that it was true, that all this fear of losing their identity, their freedom and losing out on a better partner did not support them in actually manifesting love in their lives. They have no problem meeting people, they have problem falling in love cos’ they’re not allowing themselves to feel that emotion.

How do you overcome this Mankind Luck hurdle? Self development, really exploring yourself and going inwards, and asking those hard questions. Maybe coaching. Maybe counselling. I personally like meditation. Prior to going into a meditative state, ask a question and then once you get into that meditative mode, most of the time ( for me anyway ) answers or guidance or imagery or insights usually come to me through meditation and tells me what I need to do in terms of action, or in terms of wanting me to look at.

So Mankind Luck is very important. Not easy to overcome, but definitely not impossible.

So, having gone through the three different kinds of luck, this is what I mean by holistic manifestation. Once you look at your astrological chart and know what you have in your court in terms of good energy and also what you need to watch out for in terms of not so great energy, and try to change it as best as you can. How do you change afflictions in your birth chart? Sometimes it can be through feng shui, sometimes it’s through awareness and linking it back into your Mankind Luck action, sometimes it’s through charity to increase your, let’s say… your positive karma for love or relationship or health.

And if you tie in good feng shui and also make sure that the Mankind Luck is also there to support you, your actions, your decisions, your inner feng shui, your inner energy, inner qi, how is that working with the Heaven Luck and the Earth Luck?

So this is my perspective of holistic manifestation based on Chinese metaphysics. And I hope after watching this video that you also start to look at all these three levels and if you want, I mean, all of us we can do just one level and see some results but it’s not complete. If you… the analogy that I like to compare this to is, let’s say you’re 200 pounds overweight. The wisdom of really losing weight successfully is eat better, move more, and also deal with your, let’s say, lack of self image or your confidence. So if you have that 200 pounds to lose, if you only change your diet, you’ll see results, you’ll lose some weight but you hit a plateau because you’re still not moving, and you’re still feeling that you’re not worthy of a healthy body for instance. Or you can hit the gym everyday but then afterwards you’re eating crappy food and you’re also feeling… beating yourself inside. Or you can work on meditating and visualization and feeling good and visualizing that you have a healthy body, that you’re stepping on the scale and you’re looking at your perfect weight being reflected on the scale. But if you don’t change your diet and you don’t go to the gym, you know, there’s… what do you think can happen there? But if you eat well, you move more, and you deal with whatever internal junk that’s been holding you back from being healthier, then you will most likely not only just lose those 200 pounds but most likely keep it off as well.

So that’s the analogy. If you do just one of the levels, you’ll get some results. You know, just like some of my clients, they only want to do their feng shui. They get results. But those segments of clients compared to the other clients who are willing and ready and prepared to do the homework that I sometimes give them, and even on their own prerogative as well to deal with their Heaven Luck as well as their Mankind Luck, those are the ones who see major changes in their lives. I can definitely attest to the power of that.

So if you think this video has given you some valuable food for thought, feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel if you haven’t already. If you think someone else that you know might find this video valuable as well, please please share the love click on any of the social media links that I have either on this video or down below this video. Help me spread the message of this holistic manifestation through Chinese metaphysics. And also feel free to join me at, I have other articles and other videos that I’ve shared previously and feel free to join me on my email if you want to be kept in the loop the next time I share any other information. My newsletter obviously is free but has a lot of… I will pack it with a lot of really good feng shui education and insights for you. So, thank you so much for spending the time with me on this video and I hope to see you guys on the next one!

In the meantime, you have a good day!

Feng Shui layout don’t – front door looking straight into washroom

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 9.59.06 AM


Here’s a condo layout for a Toronto project currently being sold. If you have a feng shui eye for your surroundings, you will pass on this one even though it’s a high-end project on prime location. You walk through your front door and immediately you see the washroom. Granted, you don’t see the toilet bowl directly ( which would be even worse! ), but still, what kind of a welcoming energy can you get when you are greeted by your bathroom door every time you walk in….?



2014 Chinese Astrology overview


The excitement for the Lunar New Year is definitely thick in the air! I’ve finally squeezed in some time to do this video with an overview for all 12 astrological signs, so here’s the video as well as the time stamps for time stamps for all the animal signs if you’d like to skip through to yours ( or your family’s ). Enjoy, and please share!

Timestamps for the 12 animal signs:
Horse 3:20
Sheep 6:00
Monkey 7:43
Rooster 8:42
Dog 10:15
Boar 12:43
Rat 14:30
Ox 16:10
Tiger 18:05
Rabbit 19:15
Dragon 20: 36
Snake 21: 29

Feng Shui And Prosper on Now Toronto Magazine – “Heal My House”


Here’s an excerpt from the article. You can read the full article featuring other experts HERE.

“Structurally, people need to watch out for a few things. If they have a beam or a bulkhead in the bedroom, I would not suggest sleeping under it. If they need to be under a window, they should make sure they have a high headboard or really thick curtains.

Feng shui is not just a study of the environment, but also of how energy shifts as time passes. Here are some general energies for 2014. If your front door, kitchen or bedroom is in the east, the northeast or the northwest part of your home, you need to take more precautions. The illness energy will be stronger this year for these areas.
Pregnant women should refrain from sleeping in a bedroom in the east, as should elderly people or those who are more fragile. They should find another room to sleep in, or, if they only have that east bedroom, put more metal in that room.

Feng shui is all about the elements: fire, wood, metal, water and earth. Certain elements can increase or reduce energy. Placing metal in the east reduces the illness energy. The general energy for the northeast affects emotional health.

Anyone whose front door or bedroom is in the northeast will find that 2014 will be a year of emotional ups and downs. They might feel they can’t trust people and need to protect themselves. They might feel lonely. There could be a lot of jealousy, which can take quite a toll. Three stalks of bamboo in a glass vase could reduce that energy.”

[schema type="person" name="Safrina Kadri" orgname="Feng Shui and Prosper" jobtitle="Feng Shui Consultant" url="" description="Safrina Kadri was one of the experts featured in Now Toronto Magazine's special design edition, in the article she boils down the important 2014 feng shui updates everyone needs to make note of to boost chances for better health and success " city="Toronto" state="Ontario" postalcode="M5S 2W9" country="CA" phone="647 287 2979" ]

Flying Star Feng Shui 2014 update – Part 2

Chinese Zodiac. Animal astrological sign. horse.


2014 Flying Star Feng Shui Update

For a lot of you feng shui enthusiasts out there, especially those who have been following flying star feng shui, this is something we always want to keep in mind during Chinese New Year because we know the energy is going to start shifting and you want to make sure your front door, your bedroom and your kitchen aren’t affected by these negative elements. And if they are, that’s when you deploy specific remedies to reduce the affliction. It may not take away the affliction completely but it will at least reduce it.

On the flip side, if the auspicious energy for 2014 actually visits your front door, your kitchen and your bedroom, then you’re good to go. That’s when you know that just by using those areas, you don’t even need to employ placements to activate this prosperous energy.


Grand Duke

One of the first few things that we look at is where the Grand Duke is sitting for 2014. The Grand Duke energy sits on South 2 (172.6 degrees to 187.5 degrees in your compass). What does this mean in terms of feng shui? You want to avoid angering or triggering the Grand Duke, therefore no digging, no hammering, no sawing, no ground breaking, no renovations in the south 2 this year, unless you want to invite misfortune. If you wish to renovate, push it off to 2015 if you can. I highly, highly recommend this although I know it inconveniences a lot of people who plan on getting work done. Believe me, it will be well worth the wait.

However, if your office is sitting in South 2 whether you’re in an actual corporate office or if you have a home office, see if there’s a different room you can use. It might be a hassle to move everything over to a different space, but again believe me, if you want to make sure your career and your business doesn’t stall, then using a different space would be highly, highly recommended.

If you’re in the South 2 area, either your bed or your home office or your office and you can’t move it, then at the very least, position your back against this sector.

So for 2014, if you want to rearrange your work space, the key thing is of course don’t be in the South 2 position but failing that at the very least don’t sit facing South 2. Because that will mean the whole year you’re absorbing the grand duke opposition energy. Not good.

Earth Star #8

The good news is, if your front door actually sits on the South 2, it is very very prosperous – not because of the Grand Duke, but because of the #8 star that occupies the whole south area this year. The #8 star is the most prosperous energy in terms of all 9 stars. So if your front door is in the South (especially South 1 and South 3), great! Like I mentioned before, just by going in and out you’re already activating the prosperous energy there.

However if you want to make it even stronger then you can place any yang items. By yang items I’m talking about things that are constantly moving. It can be a clock (especially a pendulum clock), a fan, or your entertainment system (electronics are considered fire element).


Three Killings

The Three Killings sits in the North this year (337.6 degrees to 22.5 degrees – looking at your compass, that’s pretty much pointing dead north). The Three Killings generally means loss of loved one, loss of good name and loss of wealth. Other things that might happen if it’s provoked are theft, burglary, mishaps and accidents. Clearly, the Three Killings energy is definitely something you want to make a note of.

So what do you need to do for the north this year? Keep this area quiet. No loud music! If your living room happens to be in the north, that unfortunately means perhaps less entertaining. If your bedroom’s in the north this is fine if you keep it quiet. As well, no renovating. Pretty much keep this area quiet with low key activities only.


Wu Huang ( Five Yellow )

The Five Yellow Star, or the Wu Huang, based on flying star feng shui is the thing feng shui consultants look for first and foremost. You need to worry about this especially if your front door and your bedroom sits in the northwest this year. If your front door, kitchen or bedroom are in the northwest, you need to place more metal there. Why? Because the wu huang is an earth element. Going back to the relationship between all 5 elements, you weaken the earth element by placing more metal there. If you think about a pregnant woman, her body is at its weakest right after giving birth to a child. And if you think about that analogy in terms of the five elements, the earth gets weakened when it ‘produces’ metal. So in this way just by placing metal in the northwest this year, you would be reducing the inauspicious earth energy in the sector. It won’t take it away completely, but at least it will be weaker.

I also recommend that you keep this area quiet and dark especially if this is your front door. I would even put an all-metal wind chime outside your door so that when the wu huang energy gets to your front door, the wind chime weakens it a little so it’s in a slightly diminished state by the time it goes into the house. Don’t linger around the door either, and don’t leave the light on all night. If this is a security issue then see if there’s a different way around it. I know a lot of my clients like to have the light on outside their front door through the night. Perhaps invest in a motion-sensor porch light as an alternative.

If your kitchen is in the northwest, it will be rough because in using the stove and oven you’re activating the wu huang even more. I know it’s not very realistic or logical for you to cook less, so the best thing you can do, if your kitchen is in the northwest, is try to prepare simpler meals. No elaborate 4-hour turkeys. If you’re entertaining, order in. In short, reduce your kitchen usage as much as possible. I realize this is hard because people love to congregate in the kitchen, maybe the kitchen table is where the kids do their homework and so on. If there’s a different room you can use for these purposes, definitely go that route.

As with doing renovations in the south, if you wish to renovate in the northwest, you’re going to have to put it off until 2015. I’m sorry, but if you don’t want to activate any mishaps in the household then it’s highly, highly recommended that no renovations at all are done to the northwest. Especially so for the months June, August and September of 2014 when the northwest will be doubly afflicted. So note this on your calendar and try to protect the area as best as you can.


Year Breaker ( Sui Po )

Now, the Year Breaker is the North which is 325.6 to 7.5 degrees in 2014. What does the Year Breaker mean? It’s usually the location that directly faces the Grand Duke. Again, the Grand Duke is in the south, therefore the Year Breaker is in the north.

As I’ve mentioned, the north is a little weak this year because it has the 3 Killing in addition to the Year Breaker. This is a bit of a ‘double whammy’ for the north. However, there IS wealth luck there as well. I know it’s contradictory but every space can have positive energy for one thing and at the same time have negative consequences for other things as well. So in this case, the north actually has wealth luck, more so in terms of future wealth luck which is also great for you to activate. Couples considering marriage or starting a family, if you have your bedroom in the north sector this actually boosts your chances of success in those areas.


Wood Star #3

Among the other annual stars I want to talk about is the #3 Star which sits in the southeast. While #3 usually means conflicts and arguments on a minimal level, if it’s really strong (again depending on the flying star chart of your actual space), if the permanent energy there already has the conflict energy then I would urge you to be extra careful. I see potential legal entanglements there. It could mean contracts going bad, it could even be someone suing you, or bringing you to court. One way to mitigate this is to place something red here. It doesn’t have to be anything big, you don’t have to paint the walls red, just a red accent that pops up. As long as you know when someone goes into that southeast room that they see the red. That’s all. It doesn’t have to be anything that overtakes the whole space.


Wood Star #4

The #4 Star sits in the center this year. This one is kind of a double-edged sword. The #4 is great for academics and students, but at the same time it’s also a Peach Blossom Star. The Peach Blossom is great for single people and you can definitely activate the center. On the other hand, if you’re in a relationship the Peach Blossom Star might actually be a bit of a pain because it could bring romance and sexual scandals to the household. In fact, going back to a global platform, the number that’s sitting in the center for the year in terms of the flying star chart has very strong energy. Think of your heart being the center, the thing that powers your body. If your heart is strong then your body is strong. So the center is the #4 and with the Peach Blossom, as I mentioned, don’t be surprised it the media starts picking up on more sexual scandals and the like. In terms of the gossip columns, 2014 promises a juicy year.


Metal Star #6

The #6 sits in the west. If your front door or your bedroom is here then this is a really good year to tap into career opportunities. I usually tell my clients the #6 is a great star to have on your side when you’re trying to network. Again if your front door, your bedroom, or your office are here then definitely get ‘out there’. Go online! Go offline! Meet with people because you’re likely to meet someone who can help you in your career.


Water Star #1

The annual #1 star is in the southwest. Mothers, heave a huge sigh of relief because I know 2013 wasn’t great for many of us. Last year was draining energetically, and quite stressful for mothers generally. Now with the #1 flying to the southwest, we’re going to see a better year in 2014. Again this is great for a career boost as well as wealth luck.

Talking about parents, the southwest is the palace of the mother, the northwest is the palace of the father. Remember when I mentioned that the northwest is severely afflicted? Well, that unfortunately afflicts fathers a bit more. It means a year where, if progress is made it will be two steps forward, one step back. That would be one of the better scenarios. A more unfortunate scenario would be constant blockages in terms of moving forward, whether career-wise, financially, relationship-wise and so on. So you definitely want to make sure your remedies are in place so that the wu huang doesn’t affect fathers to its full degree in 2014.


Earth Star #2

The #2 star sits in the east this year and the #2 means stress and illness. If, for instance, your front door is here you’re going to see the household being more lethargic, not being able to manage stress very well in 2014. Pregnant women and elderly people, if your room is in the east, see about moving to a different room because this will not be a great space to be in. Again, one remedy is to put a lot of metal in there. If it’s a bedroom, you could use a metal bed frame. If this is the door, you could hang pictures with large metal frames. Or perhaps a metal vase, or something like that placed by the front door. Brainstorm in terms of what metal elements you could introduce to your bedrooms, your front door, your kitchen if they’re in the east to reduce the illness energy there as best you can.

Metal Star #7

The annual star #7 is in the northeast this year and the #7 usually means an emotional roller coaster in terms of internal qi energy. If your main door is here then you’ve got higher possibilities of burglary and theft, so I would suggest that if you don’t have a security system in place, definitely think about installing one this year. In terms of finances and career, the #7 star also means opportunities being taken away from you. For example, there’s an opportunity for a promotion and you’re one of the more qualified candidates but somehow it’s given to someone else. This is a broader sense of ‘theft’.  If your bedroom is here in the northeast the main energy would be that of acrimony. If your office is here this means backstabbing, office politics, jealousy surrounding you. How do you address the #7? One way to reduce its unsavoury energy is to place 3 lucky bamboos in a round glass vase.


Well, there you have it, a quick run-down of the energies for 2014. Keep in mind that even if your space has a strong affliction it doesn’t mean it will be a bad year. Awareness is key. Use this to your advantage now that you know what the energetic patterns bode for your space. Place your remedies accordingly and always try to make sure that your actions align with the best possible outcome.

Here’s to a wonderful Horse year ahead for everyone!!!

2014 Flying Star Feng Shui Update – Part 1



Now that the Gregorian calendar has celebrated its new year, feng shui enthusiasts and Asians all over the world now turn their attention to the Chinese Farmer’s Calendar, also known as the Hsia calendar, to prepare for the new lunar year. The Hsia calendar is a very interesting and a very accurate system and it’s been used for thousands of years as a means of forecasting the years ahead.

If you look at the Chinese calendar you’ll realize that it incorporates all the twelve astrological animals as well as the five elements of fire, metal, water, wood and earth. Therefore, it’s more than just a mere calendar that charts time. Those who are familiar with the calendar will study the interaction between these astrological animal signs and elements and derive fairly accurate forecasts on the outlook for a certain time period.

The information on the 2014 update here is very GENERAL, but if you want to do a more in-depth feng shui-ing for your space I would suggest that you seek out a classically-trained feng shui consultant (who knows feng shui the way it was meant to be practised, not the watered-down feng shui that’s more readily available nowadays). There are far too many nuances and feng shui needs for each space that do-it-yourselfers can’t even comprehend…


2014 Hsia Calendar Outlook

2014 is the year of the Jia Wood Horse. Jia is yang wood, so the imagery or the visual that we normally use for a yang wood element is a tall tree. One that is straight, strong and unmovable unless of course you cut it down. Even then it takes a lot of energy to cut down let’s say a 300 year-old tree. Its roots are deep into the ground, another characteristic of the yang wood that denotes stubbornness. So in the Chinese Hsia calendar for 2014, the yang wood sits on top and  the horse which is the year sits at the bottom:


So think about the strong wood on top and then the horse which is a fire element sitting at the bottom. What usually happens when fire comes in contact with wood? The fire burns the wood and the wood produces more fire (that is the destructive and productive cycle in Chinese metaphysics).

And because of this wood sitting on top of fire, that then means we’re going to see really strong fire element here. Taking into consideration that the wood is so strong in its principles and is not easy to move, combining that with the explosive fire, we’re going to see more threats of conflict and even war among nations. I know there have always been wars and conflicts but expect to see even more disruptions globally this year. If you’ve been following the media you may know that tensions are brewing between China and Japan.

Again, when you think about horses, they’re very strong animals. With the horse being a very strong fire element it is undoubtedly a very powerful energy going into 2014. In terms of business, the energy of the year will infuse businesses that are more aligned with this energy – air travel, sports, exercise, entertainment, restaurants – and the infusion of energy is generally one of optimism. One example is the FIFA World Cup happening this year. Another aspect that will start seeing things moving positively is the broader economy and the stock market (hit hard in 2008, associated with a lack in the fire element). If we look back at 2008, the main element for the year was water. Generally speaking, in terms of emotion, water is usually fear-based and very depressed. In financial markets that usually translates into worry and fear which definitely was felt worldwide.

So this year, we can definitely expect some relief in terms of the global financial outlook. Certain parts of the world (namely those in southern regions) are going to gain the fire energy a little more than others.

Let’s take a deeper look at the financial sector. In the five elements of Chinese metaphysics, banking/finance is a metal element industry. If you think about silver coins, gold bullion and all that, the financial industry is a metal element industry. So if you think about say, a big chunk of gold, on its own it already has value, but what makes it even more valuable is if we can mold it into something more usable. What’s needed to mold metal and make it usable? Fire. And since the fire element is so abundant this year, then from a feng shui and Chinese calendar perspective this is a good sign for the financial sector.

Another bonus? This optimism will actually carry into 2015 as well.


[schema type="person" name="Safrina Kadri" orgname="Feng Shui and Prosper" jobtitle="Feng Shui Consultant" url="" description="How do you update your 2014 feng shui to welcome the year of the Wood Horse? This article is a great starting point! " city="Toronto" state="Ontario" postalcode="M5S 2W9" country="CA" phone="647 287 2979" ] 


Living room has your feng shui money corner but you want to hide your home office? Here’s a neat idea!


If you have a home office, and your living room happens to have one of your three wealth/money corners, here’s a great idea to place your workspace in the living room but still have the option to hide it when you’re done! ( Bonus if you can also face your auspicious direction that’s NOT afflicted for the year! )

Feng Shui Questions answered!

Answering common feng shui questions:

1. How to choose colours for business cards

2. Salt cure cracked – what to do
3. Feng shui-ing small spaces – does the same principles apply?
4. Cleansing a space from illness energy
5. Apartment near cemetary – is it always bad?
6. How to make someone fall in love with you – feng shui truths and myths on this one!
7. Gossiping – what to do

Feng Shui Quick Q&A: Bed positioning and feng shui – does it work?



Question : Is there any scientific reason behind positioning of bed as claimed by feng shui? Does feng shui work?

Safrina’s answer: I’ve personally seen many instances where my clients shift the location of their bed after an audit and reported more restful sleep and lessening of illness and pains ( especially if there are structural issues where the energy ‘presses down’ on them based on feng shui ie. beams and bulk heads ). With an auspicious LOCATION ( and if they can also tap into auspicious DIRECTION ), you’ll definitely be receiving more auspicious qi which can help boost your chances for success.



Feng Shui for when you’re close to cemetaries / hospitals



Video Transcription:

Next question… Apartment near cemetary.

Okay. This is actually a pretty common one. A few of my clients have also asked me the same one.

” So I am moving to an apartment near the cemetary.It is 400m away from the apartment. I cannot see the graveyard from my apartment but I have to pass through it in order to get to my building. I’m afraid that my apartment will be filled with negative vibrations or energy. Is there any solutions to increasing the positive energy?”

For one, even if the cemetary is situated close to the building, if you can’t see it from your own unit, you’re fine.

Even if you do, obviously that’s not ideal situation. IF you CAN see the cemetary then try to see if you can somehow block your view from it. It could be just shutting your windows ( I know that that’s not great ). Or you know, keeping plants that are high enough, let’s say if you have a balcony outside and the cemetary is outside the balcony and you have tall plants that block your view. That’s another way of doing but obviously it’s not ideal. Because it’s definitely very, very yin energy there.

Apart from cemetary, hospitals are another thing that you want to keep an eye on. Especially if you have clear view of it because when do we go to hospitals? When we need to get checked out when we’re sick and things like that.

Now, granted, babies are born. That’s obviously a happy moment. Babies are always born in the hospital but if you really weight it, most of the energy that is in the hospital is very quiet, it’s weak, it’s ill. As opposed to the happy moments in the hospital.

So the same feng shui guidelines will be applied to cemetaries and hospitals in that case. So in terms of…. if you can’t see it from your apartment, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You’re good to go.

So that’s all the questions that I have for this time around. If you have questions that you’d like me to cover in my next video, it has been fun, this google hangout thing.

I think I’m going to keep doing it. So if you have questions regarding feng shui that you’d like me to cover for my next video, I ask a favour from you. One of two things. You can either subscribe to my Youtube channel, or you can also follow me on my Google+ page which is also linked here.

Anyway, you can connect with me with your questions through these two vehicles once you’re a follower and I’ll take care of them in my next video. In the meantime, you guys have a great day. Take care!


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