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My husband is born in the year of the Rabbit. What auspicious position should he be sitting or facing in his office? Many of you have this questions don't you? Now the thing is the best direction to face well it should be based on your astrology, it's not as simple as just looking at his your year of birth. It's not as simple as that. And I'm going to be covering Gua number or trigrams in another live stream because that is a whole, I'm almost worried about doing that live stream because I'll be opening on another a whole kind of Chinese astrology can of worms that many of you might not be prepared for but you guys need to know the real deal about the Gua number I'll talk about that later.

But in terms of where to face okay. In terms of positioning in the office especially the easiest one to do at the very least is not to face the Grand Duke for the year and not to face the number five flying star for the year. Those are the two commandments in terms of feng shui facing that everyone need to follow. Don't face the Grand Duke and those of you who did my Feng Shui 2019 or you have been following classical Feng shui put in the comment where the Grand Duke is this year in 2019? I need to make sure you guys know this. Where the Grand Duke is situated which direction? Is it in in 2019? Put it in the comment and where the direction for number is five again, put that in the comment for this year. Lisette got it, what's Northwest three the Grand Duke or the number five? No, Bobby Grand Duke is not in Northwest two. Grand Duke is in northwest three. The direction of the pig or the boar okay? So grand duke every year is situated the same as the year of that animal. The animal year so this year is the pig so the Grand Duke is situated in the astrological position of the pig on the loop on the street 360 degrees so Grand Duke is 15 degrees which is the house of the pig or the boar.

You can sit facing northwest one Northwest two as long as you're clearing northwest three you're fine. You're not offending the Grand Duke. Everyone needs to follow this do not face North West 3. Where is number 5 this year you guys? Where is number 5? Southwest great choice. Southwest is number 5 and the Southwest has 45 degrees so the whole of Southwest wherever it doesn't matter where you sit if you're sitting facing Southwest, you need to move. That's part of the reason why I know it's hard when you're in an office right you only have one desk but honestly if it's like a desk well you can't see my desk right now but it's like a regular square or a rectangular desk you can move your screen right you have the compass in your hand.

Let's say this is your compass, I have my phone here right you move your screen to where your monitor is situated, figure out what direction you are if it's facing north west 3 or south west this year. Just move your monitor a little bit and obviously that means you have to switch your chair as well and that is where everyone. It doesn't matter what year you are that's where you need just to not face this year.

Okay, that is general but I can tell you just by following these two not facing number five, not facing the Grand Duke and actually I would add in a number seven as well and so tell me where number seven is in 2019. If you follow the first two and as a bonus if you don't sit facing number seven then you are saving yourself a lot of grief. I can attest to this when I was working in an office environment, I just shifted a client of a colleague's desk a little bit and her whole situation at work was so much less stressful for her in terms of her workload, in terms of the clients that she got, okay. Perfect, let's set Joyce you guys are amazing number seven south east this year so don't face North West three, don't face southwest whole southwest, and don’t face the whole of South East. Those are general now if you need to dial it down to base on your astrology you should get a proper astrologer for that because there's many things that need to be considered and to take it a little bit deeper you should look at the permanent energy of the home as well those of you in my Manifesting Code that means you're not sitting facing the bomb you're not sitting facing the robber, okay.

That's permanent energy even if astrologically the Southwest for instance is a good direction for you, right even if Southwest is a good direction for you because the number five is in the southwest this year, I still would not recommend you to be sitting facing Southwest okay. You can use it any other year but just not in the year where that direction is afflicted okay so. For that question that I got through email. I can't do specifically for your husband, I'm sorry but I can do general.

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