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Hi everyone, this is Safrina Kadri, from FengshuiandProsper.com and today is another video. A quick video that I want to do with regards to Feng Shui Items or Feng Shui Objects. Now those of you who have followed my past few videos, you know that I refer very often to this term called fast-food Feng Shui. This what I mean by fast-food Feng Shui is you know it's almost like when you go into a fast-food joint you order your your combo, all the while thinking you're putting ordering something and putting food in your body. But is it really food? You know with the recent expose is with regards to what goes into our burgers and chicken fingers and things like that and are we really putting nutrients into our body? So fast-food Feng Shui is very much similar to that it's simpler, easier from trying to practice and they're made to make you think that you're doing Feng Shui but it's actually not.

Where classical Feng Shui is concerned. It's the the best description of Feng Shui especially how it was done classically, is the examination of the external and the internal environment and with an added layer of the time dimension. That is how the Masters did it before. So especially if you want to apply a more modern version of Feng Shui, it doesn't mean that you need to put a three-legged toad or a sailing ship or the Five Element pagoda or lucky coins. Or even the happy Buddha, the Laughing Buddha.

You don't need to put all these items in your space in order to do Feng Shui.

Now to be absolutely transparent with you, these fast-food Feng Shui or what's also known as symbolic Feng Shui is how I got started as well. And you know results were hit and miss and it wasn't until I got myself fully certified in classical Feng Shui that I realize, you know what if a person wants to feng shui their space from top to bottom, it doesn't need to involve any Asian looking objects at all. And definitely that is a concern that some of my clients have because my clients come from all different backgrounds, all different religion in fact. And you know most of the time they don't want their friends and family to come into the house and know that they feng shui'd and you know start looking them weird after that. Especially my retail, commercial as well as corporate clients as well, they can't have these symbolic feng shui lying around their space because you know, it would be hard to explain to to people why they're there in the first place. Because you know as much as Feng Shui is mainstream nowadays, not everyone is still open to the idea. And you don't especially as the business person. you don't necessarily want people to know what you're doing to give yourself that competitive advantage as well. It's nice to have some secrets up your sleeves. So I'm just gonna show to you some of the feng shui items that are very, very popular.

I have a couple a couple of them just lying around so you know fishes? This is the Arowanna fish - very, very popular. Of course you know in an Asian culture, fish is always a symbol of wealth, a symbol of abundance, of having more than you need because a mandarin fish is called yu and especially in Chinese New Year, you would hear and very often people would wish each other at each other, direct translation it means every year you have fish. But remember fish means more than you need so they're really wishing each other every year wishing you every year you have more than you need so that became translated into Feng Shui. It's become a symbol of always having more than you need. But really classical Feng Shui, you don't need this to tap into the wealth energies. And the same thing for this one too, this is a heavy little guy and solid metal probably about even though it's small it's probably at least two pounds in terms of its weight. So this is two fishes and with a little gate here, I don't know if you can see it there's this gate and this is in symbolic feng shui, it's usually used for someone who wants to progress in their career or for students who want to pass their exams. Because as myths have it, these fishes when they because they swim upriver, they face the challenges head-on and they're strong enough. If they're strong enough to leap over this little gate then the fishes turn into dragons - chen long. So that's considered a progress. That's considered a success so again in symbolic culture this is used very, very often for career as well as academic progression.

Ships, sailing ships especially - you've probably read that if you have your sailing ship, sailing a certain direction then you're bringing in good, good wealth energy specifically with you. So that's another symbolic feng shui, that's very, very common that you see a lot as well as let me see what else I have here. There's this little wu lu okay again, it's painted in gold and symbolically wu lu is known as a feng shui item to boost health. Because back in China this is what they use in order to carry medicine this is actually a gourd. I mean the not this one but in in olden China, they use the gourd as a bottle really and then they put the medicine in there which is why now in terms of symbolic one show you, if you want to boost your health.This is usually what's recommended to boost it up.

And some of you guys are probably aware of this one as well, maybe not as mainstream as that or maybe it is, I have been out of the symbolic feng shui world for quite a while now. But this definitely was something that was highly recommended when I first started out. So this is especially if you're familiar with Flying Star Feng Shui that 5 element of pagoda is usually what's recommended to reduce the number five, five yellow energy which is the strongest negative energy when it comes to Flying Star Feng Shui and that usually gives you challenges overall really in terms of health, wealth relationships. And also to reduce the number 2, illness star which you know is illness and stress and so usually in symbolic feng shui right this is what's usually recommended to quell the number-5 minim and the number 2. Now you know you've probably caught on that I call it symbolic feng shui it's not wrong, if you want to place it I mean a lot of the times when I go into my clients face they show me a whole bunch of stuff that they've already bought and if you already have it, I usually you know just help my clients incorporate that - if they want. But if they don't have it most of the time the feng shui items that I recommend are actually things that they can get in regular home decorating stores or even in Walmart or you know a garden store.

So you don't necessarily need Feng Shui items. So again it's really preference, if you like these you know Asian looking objects and you don't like people asking - by all means go ahead with that. But as part of my recommendations for my clients, I actually don't have them. I don't ask them to spend any money on these items. So a lot of the things just blend in to whatever interior, whatever the decor that they already have in place. Now these are - what I mean other people may have different opinions and I may be putting myself out there you know and making a lot of people upset - but this is what I call fast-food Feng Shui okay?

You don't just place a fish and think that, you know you're going to progress in your career. You don't just place a ship thinking that the wealth energy is going to sail into your space of course, it's easier for the mind to wrap around and to digest but classically in terms of how the flesh way masters used to do it you know decades and decades and hundreds of years and in the thousands of years ago - this is not how it was done. Now I'm gonna confuse you a little bit because I just spent all this time telling you that all these items here and the fish and this fish - these are just a handful of examples that I have lying around here. And I just spent the last few minutes telling you that these are fast-food Feng Shui which is not classical Feng Shui. Now I'm going to turn around and say you can actually use this for feng shui. Have I stumped you? Probably. Why am I back tracking? Now okay the reason why I'm saying you can use this for Feng Shui is not because of the shape or what the animals are. It's more in terms of being material so where these items are concerned, this is actually like I think it's brass and it's solid it's really heavy and all these other items well they're not solid metal, they are painted in not metal colors like well obviously for these guys they're painted in gold.

The reason why I'm not saying that you can actually use these for a for feng shui is because of their metal element. Especially if you want to remedy the number 5 and the number 2 what you need is to place more metal. Now what that really means is it can be a metal um statue, it can be a cat statue for all you want. It could be a metal bookcase or you know if your bedroom just happens to have the number 5 on the number 2 sitting in your bedroom, it could even be a metal bed. And that's your Feng Shui remedy that's your Feng Shui item placement you don't need the wulu, you don't need the ship you don't need the galloping horse to be successful, you don't need certain kinds of up you know paintings. It's not the symbol of it that makes a good Feng Shui, it's actually the color the element and maybe the shape of it that that can help you boost certain, certain energies in certain spaces. So especially if you're you know you're new to feng shui and you're not too sure sure about bringing in all these symbolic feng shui into your space. Or you know you've been going through Chinatown or whatever in China and try to get objects to properly feng shui or place and you can't find the things that are recommended for you - fear not. You really need to just figure out what kind of elements you need to place and then just do it that way.

If you need more wood in a certain area go for let's say your wood furniture or go for something that's green right, maybe green curtains or things like that. If you need more fire than in terms of you know color placements, you know you use more reds and yellows and oranges. If you need to boost up the fire element somewhere and things like that. So if you don't have a feng shui store near you or if you don't want to have to order feng shui items online - let's say it doesn't matter what it is that's holding you back, I am here to let you know that all this not lost. It doesn't mean that you can't do feng shui and in fact I would say as long as you have the correct element in the correct space, doing feng shui actually it's easy-peasy and again it'll blend in to your decor.

You don't have to worry about people asking you like what is this dragon doing here right so so I hope I'm going to keep my video today for at least short so I hope that this video has been of value to you.

And if you haven't subscribed to my Youtube channel, please subscribe so that you get notifications of my, you know of my future videos, I will be coming up with a 2015 new year updates very very soon so definitely keep your eye out on that and if you're curious about how I do my tre feel free to join me on my website at www.fengsshuiandprosper.com or join our Facebook join me on Twitter just look up the whatever buttons that I will have hovering over the screen and hopefully we'll keep reconnecting with each other. And that's it for me today. Have a good one everyone.

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