Lucky Feng Shui Colour for 2021 - full livestream and Q&A

Updated: Dec 16, 2020


Hello hello anyone joining me?

I just want to make sure that we are live. Okay perfect, welcome welcome, who's joining me right now? Let me know where you're watching me from?And let me just fix my computer screen.How is everyone?

So we are more than mid-November now, we're actually going into December can you believe we've been talking and being surrounded by COVID for almost a year now. Hopefully you guys are doing well, let me know who's watching so I can...

Hi Vincent, Moira, Akiya, lyanna, Joe - Hey Joe, I feel like it's been a while since I've seen you. Penny in Ohio, Mary from Ireland, Christina, Donna from Pennsylvania. Gabriella, Lydia from Norway. I am getting better maybe because i'm putting on more makeup today. I don't know but definitely no migraine so last week was a bit of a doozy so this month's number five so this hashtag flying stars don't lie right. I knew that this month the number 5 was flying into my front door so i was hunkering down. I have my salt cure, I have my metal element there and gosh like first it was I had leaking pipe so I was like - Oh gosh, like did it. It was well first. It was like so so we put in.

Some of you guys may or may not know, we bought a house and it's an old house it's like I think it turns 100 years old to this year or next year something like that. And so we put in a bit a basement suite with like a kitchen and everything and and so we've never used the basement kitchen at all because I have my main kitchen upstairs right. But I was just down there and I was just doing a little bit of washing and then the water started filling up in the sink. I was like - Oh gosh, that's number one of what happened with them with the five yellow at the door but it turns out to be just like a regular blockage.It's not because i thought it's an it's old pipe. Like I think it's copper pipes or something, i forget what what they use back it back like 60, 80 years ago but it's all pipes. It hasn't been updated. Who were thinking about updating the pipes once we start doing the main kitchen reno but I thought okay, maybe we need to fix the pipes. But it turns out it was just a regular blockage, the plumber was able to like get rid of that very quickly.

And then the second thing that happened with the five yellow coming through the door was me with my really bad migraine, i usually get a migraine in between seasons. So when it's fall going into winter or when it's spring going into summer, that's what happens to me ever since i came to Canada. Like those change of seasons always give me like pretty bad migraines but this month specifically was really really hard on me and also because the number five this month is in the southwest, if those of you guys who follow the monthly flying stars. It's in the southwest so it affects mothers and I'm a first born and this year the horse born this year were hit with the number two which is illness so it was just like layers upon layers and I just had the worst migraine episode, I think of my life really last week. It lasted if I really count back it lasted a whole week so it was very debilitating and i've had migraines since i was 12. So I've had a lot of historical data to go by but last week's migraine was just so it just took the breath out of me and then this week.

As if and then not even this week like right at the tail end of my migraine my younger one my five-year-old started getting sick she started getting sniffles and then after that my daughter started getting sick. And then now my husband's getting sick i'm getting a little bit of a cough but none of us have well the girls have fever but it's like very, very low grade and so it's just my gosh like I am grateful that whatever that that has happened like the plumbing issue my migraine and the kids being sick while the family's being sick is something that. We can bounce back very quickly on. But honestly just looking at the movement of the flying stars which is why I always saying #flyingstarsdontlie you can almost forecast what could happen but what we can do and the reason why we learn flying star a little bit more in depth is so that we know the movement of the star so that we know how to what to watch out for right and then we can put our remedies so that it's as we can minimize it right even when i'm when i studied under the Grandmaster. Grandmaster says we can't tell our clients that our feng shui remedies are going to get rid of the negativity 100% but we can guarantee that it will minimize it.

So that's what's been happening in my world the past two three weeks so it's been pretty interesting.

Hello Laurie, Hi Olympia, Evelyn, Leslie, Katya, Angelica from Austria. I don't think I get a lot of Austrian viewers. Welcome so yeah we will officially start in about seven and a half minutes but as usual I just wanted to hang out and chat with you guys. And also maybe even if you guys can think of questions, maybe it's something that I can address today. Maybe it could be a a different live stream topic. I would love to get some inspiration so help me build the content that you guys want okay? That would be awesome! Like a lot of the topics that I do my videos on are really inspired by the questions that i'm getting from you guys. Either through email or Messenger and sometimes like if someone sends me a feng shui article like - Hey Safrina, is this fast food feng shui or is it classical feng shui? That also gives me ideas on what to tackle. Oh Evelyn, that's awesome that is amazing, free from COVID - that is really really good! Unfortunately, I know a couple of people who have tested positive so we're all sending prayers and healing their way. Hello Rio, welcome!

Nadia from Morocco. Yay, hello I was just looking at a client's I was just looking at Google Earth earlier today just to help someone in Feng Shui 2021. Figure out her facing so it was looking at UAE and I've had clients from the Middle East before but just to see on Google Earth that everything is just desert it still takes me back a little that.

That the world there's just so many parts of the world that I haven't been to right so it's. Yeah anyway I was looking at and a friend i have a friend from she's not Moroccan, she's - Oh, I don't remember where she is now but I remember looking at that part of the world and seeing, oh this is where she's from.questions about today's life topics or other feng shui questions, both. It can be both.

Hello hello, Helena from Croatia, Marianne from Bahrain - Oh, I am getting more Middle Eastern traction today. Daisy from Ireland, Olympia will 2021 be a better year,yes.

Oh okay, I know we're not officially starting but let's just put this out there - before I forget will 2021 be a better year? We're talking about globally okay but 2022 is the one that I want to prepare you guys for so 20 21 is gonna be a little bit of a respite we can breathe a little bit easier right. I don't want to this is not to freak people out but I want you guys to be prepared for 2022 and we're already starting to see where old systems all thinking old way of doing things are starting to break down. It could be a good thing, it's the world healing but in the alternative healing world there's this thing called the healing crisis or maybe the modern medicine has it too but it's called the healing crisis right. In the process of healing, there is discomfort. There is even pain and that that's what's called healing crisis so when a body is detoxing, for instance getting rid of the things that the body doesn't need, there's headache. I think body ache there's there's things like that right it's going through withdrawal so the same thing with what me and other spiritual teachers are seeing is that the world is going into a path where the world is going through that healing crisis in that,

I personally think it's a transformation towards the better but people who are not prepared will be swept into that big wave of change. And they might not be able to stay afloat so that's all I'm going to say so 2021. Most of us will be will be able to like breathe better but I ask you guys to use 2021 to prepare for 2022. Either with getting yourself more skills and more education or getting your house ready feng shui wise. Maybe building up your reserves and things like that okay um so that's where i will leave it at shape. So plants.. that's an interesting one, Moira.

Plants in feng shui has been over hyped in all honesty but maybe that's actually, I will take a screenshot of that. Hey, Mazarin good to see you. Will 2021 be good for the year of the horse? I am not doing astrological predictions, in my live stream this year I will include astrological predictions in my Feng Shui 2021 portal so if you guys and I'm likely doing that either January or February getting closer to Chinese New Year so if you guys like my past predictions. And I've been told, I've gotten messages from people who say my predictions have to have been one of the more accurate ones. I am for 20 21 predictions I am adding it into Feng Shui 2021 portal i won't be doing it as a public thing here, it will be a little bit more in depth - I can tell you that much. Hello Olga, oh Daisy - you keep asking your questions, you guys are helping me out here with a lot of content. Thank you, Daisy - that's a good one.

Eva Hi, there's always a replay always, always, always, on any all of my live streams. There will always be a replay so I don't think I've ever done a live stream with where there's no replay ever in my Youtube history. Okay welcome everyone to another live stream Tuesday. Sorry i have to reschedule from last week's because I wasn't feeling too good with a really bad migraine but that's all gone now and today we are talking about Lucky Colors for 2021 and in fact if you're watching this as a replay in the future and it's 2022 or 2025 this will the general gist of this will still be true so I decided to do this topic because every year, every every year without fail.

And I watch my Google keywords right. I watched the keywords and every year the keyword of lucky color for whatever year it was, is usually one of the most searched keywords in the world when it comes to feng shui and I wanted to talk about that because those of you who know me those of you who've learned flying star feng shui either through me or through other schools know that there is no one single lucky color for the year.There's no one single color for everyone there's not even one single color for people of the same astrological animal sign okay as much as the world wants Chinese astrology or as much as the world wants feng shui to be simple that everything can be can be painted with like a big brushstroke.

It's not possible and it's not logical for one lucky color to to work for everyone.

If you've been wondering about that or if you've been googling that you can pretty much just stop the video here because the answer is there is no lucky color for 2021 or for any any year any specific year the colors that you need depends on the energy that you want to activate or the energy that you want to remedy and you guys already know well at. Hopefully you already know that in feng shui there are five elements:

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.

And every year, you are more you're likely to need all these five elements in your home to activate the good and to remedy the bad. Now I will give you something and I will teach you a little bit in terms of generalized feng shui but this is for 2021 but and here's a big but

you do not use this, it's not enough to use this to feng shui your home for next year because what I am going to cover in the next few minutes is general like absolutely general, it's almost as if you're watching a doctor on or let's say a doctor talking a talk about I don't know, Diet for Blood Types right. There is no one diet for all the blood types. There are specific diets for specific blood types right Type O, Type A, B whatever. So feng shui is like that too there is no one specific thing that's good for everyone for every home for all the homes in the world okay. If this is not the answer that you want and you're mad at me, that's totally okay. It's not because I don't want to give you the answer, it's because you really have to sit down look at your layout, look at the period of your house, look at the facing of your home. And then you decide how to deal with the energy for the year and what kind of element you need for that okay so oh the light I have in front of me, is actually really bright it's giving me a headache right now but I wanted to show you guys.

Okay, let me know if you guys are seeing this one you see this over on this side. I guess i'll sit this side so you can see me all right so this is the energy for the year of 2021 okay, you have the number five which is also called the wu huang or five yellow in the southeast okay. I don't know, I guess I can't point to it the number six in the middle number seven in the northwest, number eight in the east and so on and so forth. You see all those numbers in all those nine boxes in the three by three grid okay and all these numbers have their own element if you want to do DIY feng shui at your own risk and i have to say this is at your own risk. Then the ones that you want to remedy first and foremost is the number five the number seven and the number two okay for those of you guys who are trained on me. We deal with number two a little bit differently for those but for the rest of you who don't have that background the training background. The number five the number seven and the number two okay what are the elements, I'm just going to lump in five and the two together what are the elements for number five and the number two for those of you who are familiar with flying stars. What are the elements for number five and number two their Earth okay and considering well these are considered negative and the element that weakens Earth element is metal so the general idea is to remedy the number five and the number two with metal however there are certain situations too much metal will in fact trigger other situations okay so for instance, I've got my handy dandy peer chart here so for instance, if we remedy with metal for period eight facing east one, for instance okay.

The period eight facing, east one has water star seven over there in the southeast, I know this is going to be really confusing for you guys. But this is just how the function a proper feng shui consultant's eyes look at all these numbers okay, for a house that is period 8 meaning they moved into the house after 2004 and it's facing east one, not just east but east one the first 15 degrees of east okay for period eight facing east, one for instance they have the Water star number seven there so if you put more metal because you're thinking - oh number five is in the southeast I have to put more metal there but if you put too much Metal you're actually going to trigger financial blockages so what you think is a remedy can actually activate certain things okay that's not giving you the results that you seek okay the other thing is look at number three in the southwest okay.

All those generalized feng shui articles out there in books online they tell you, to remedy number three in the southwest, you put more Fire you put more reds. You put more yellows oranges but if you're period eight and you're facing southwest one for instance. So again if you moved in after 2004 and your house is facing southwest one again, the first 15 degrees of southwest one and in your head oh the number three is in the southwest which is a Wood element and to weaken the Wood you use Fire and just by looking at the general idea, you're like oh okay let me DIY, this let me put more Fire in the southwest corner but which so more fire in the southwest would have worked for almost everyone except for houses of certain periods and certain facings so if you put more Fire and you happen to be put more Fire in the southwest and you happen to be pure eight southwest one as an example.

Your remedy actually now will raise an issue in your health and your relationships.

I know I'm confusing a lot of you because honestly and I don't know why no one warns you of this no one warns you about generalized feng shui in the past few weeks I've gotten many messages and many emails about people who have done generalized feng shui and got themselves into big trouble because no one warned them you cannot do your feng shui your lucky colors for the year like for that. Period eight southwest one was red the lucky color in the southwest area no because proper feng shui colors or the elements that you need there. You need to look at so many different factors before landing on, what's the best element i.e color being one way of doing it right so that's the thing so people will do their annual feng shui people will read articles about annual feng shui or buy books about annual feng shui, and look at this chart - they're being fed this chart over here okay this chart over here. But it's not doesn't really drill down to homes that are specific to your period specific to your facing okay so is there a lucky color for the year. No, there's not one generalized lucky color for every house for every person no such thing the color or the element that you need for each of your homes each direction in your home depends on the period and the facing of your house that my friends - unfortunately is proper feng shui.

Abby's asking: how do you learn about lucky colors? Well, you can join me in Feng Shui 2021. let me that's that's one way that is the safest way i know this is a plug right but that's only because that's only because the way I've built my annual training, is really the safest way that I can come up with for people to put in the right colors to put in the right element in all the directions in their house while still keeping an eye on their permanent energy which is based on their period and their facing.

Stop doing generalized feng shui because feng shui is never ever was never generalized especially when it comes to dealing with the energies the permanent energies and how it do coincides with the annual - not a popular answer, I know. But i'm here to tell you the truth because no one is telling you the truth and i don't know why it's on them when you give people half the picture and they get negative results from it it is on those books and those articles to to deal with the energy that results from bad results and i don't want that on my conscience.

It's what you need to know exactly so in a nutshell. If you've been guilty of googling what's the best lucky color for the year now you know stop googling. Because there is no generalized thing Any questions my head is hurting from this this light here but I think

let me scroll up just to see oh that's a good question. Christina, let me get rid of this.

Christina's asking how much does front door color of kitchen cabinets, are front door color or kitchen cabinets affect the energy of the room? Considering there are usually wood at least in my house because they are permanent structural elements in a house then it definitely matters a lot and just like there's no generalized lucky color for the year. There's also no generalized lucky color for your door every time. I see a red door I'm like - Oh dear, did someone did some fast food feng shui. When I see a red door because again red in the wrong direction is really bad really, really bad but front door and kitchen cabinets like it's not cheap to resurface or repaint kitchen cabinets. So if you're putting anything in you should preferably make sure what kind of element you need in that direction right then you paint it accordingly and of course like doors and kitchen cabinets. How many different elements can you use it's either Wood or a Metal right. I don't but if you can't have it in like the proper element itself then at least you follow up with the right color of the element does that make sense, Christina.

Oh, glass - good question. I've been getting a lot of this so glass. Let me just put this up there's been some chatter or disagreements about what is the element for glass and mirrors I should say okay glass is if you if you look at what is the main component of glass, it's mainly silica. And that is considered Earth element so glass or crystals that's considered Earth. However if it's a mirror that's a different, that's another thing to consider because what changes a glass into a mirror is that reflective metal coating at the back right. So there is metal there so mirrors would have Metal and Earth however my caveat is at least for one I normally see most mirrors have more of the thick they have a thicker coating of the glass compared to the coating or the layer of the Metal so for me mirror is still predominantly Earth element and not Metal.

Abby's asking; My house was built approximately 2007 and faces northeast so how do you calculate that? Well I don't go over that in Feng Shui 2021, in terms of calculating. I only teach that in the certification course but in our school, we only based it on your move-in day and not the construction day so that's the difference between my grand master's feng shui lineage and other schools - is that we use your move-in date. If you wanna calculate the flying star, there are calculators out there you put in your moving date and you put in your facing and it'll calculate the flying star for you, but the tricky bit after that is to figure out what to do with the numbers. I don't cover that and it's not something i can cover on a live stream i do teach all that in my certification course which is happening January 21st till the 24th. It's half full right now, I'm doing interviews because I'm not taking everyone, I'm interviewing before I offer, before I decide whether or not to offer someone the chance to apply to register so. But if you want to calculate there are so many calculators online the tricky bit is don't put well I guess it doesn't matter for you 2007 is still period eight but for everyone else if you want to use the calculator the part where they ask the construction date you actually put in your move-in date.

Ms May: Are you offering a discount coupon code? I did, for the first 300 people who registered for Feng Shui 2021. Every year, I would have fast action or early bird pricing, the first 300 sign ups were taking up taken up back in September, unfortunately. So right now, there is a charge to to register right now but you can you you can see from some of the comments that I got from other people who've taken the annual training is that if you really break down to it's still worth it i know and I understand a lot of people are out of work right nowbut if you want to in fact someone is here, I don't know if you're willing to share it about how her husband was looking for a job, I think close to two years but then she actually took my certification course. And then she took my date selection training which was part of the end of the Feng Shui 2021 and her husband not only got a job but his contract, I believe went from six months to a year and a half. Correct me if i'm wrong, I don't know if you're willing to share it as as as a quick comment there. But if you really boil it down like USD108 dollars divided by 365 days of the year, it's i think 28 cents a day to get your house feng shui for the year so i know for some parts of the world USD108 is still a lot but I do give out a ton of information in in the annual training information that I must say you cannot find anywhere else. So no discount code at at the moment but every year around August, I will have a discount code for fast action takers so watch out for that next year.

Vicky is asking: For things that will last more than one year such as front door wall paint, do you use the permanent energy element? Absolutely, I don't expect anyone to repaint their walls or repaint their door every year -- it just doesn't make sense.

See, you're getting comments from other people who say it's worth every penny. I didn't pay them to say that. And some of them have have have been doing the annual training for quite a few years now.

Daisy's asking: house numbers a friend said your number of house can relate to luck? It's not in feng shui we don't look at house numbers. I've had a client, they want to buy a house, it's number four or number 24. And they say, Oh, four is bad in feng shui and I'm like who says so four is actually considered lucky. It's creativity, it's academic, it's relationship luck number four but number four is seen as negative in the Chinese community. In the Chinese cultural perspective right but in a feng shui perspective -

there's nothing wrong with the number four.

But there is something called Numerology and I'm not trained in Numerology. So the funny thing is when we were house hunting. Obviously I had to look at the feng shui of the house which already makes house hunting is already pretty tough. But once you add on the feng shui as another requirement that makes house hunting even harder and my husband who's usually very skeptical with things he actually believes in Numerology and he also only wants certain numbers for uh for the house I believe, I don't even remember like number nin, number eight, i think four and six or something like that. I don't remember so whatever house that we land on must have good feng shui for me and good Numerology for him to want to buy the house so there is some truth to Numerology for house numbers. But I'm not the expert in that. I've just read you know a couple of books. I'm not going to claim expertise from it but you guys can definitely look at that. But Numerology is different from feng shui. Numerology is another way of examining the energy. It's not feng shui, I'm not knocking it. It's just two separate wisdoms so that's my answer to Daisy's question.

Thank you everyone chiming in about how much you guys love my annual training it is a lot of I have to say I do pour in a lot into into the annual training. If i can't teach something properly, I won't teach it if i can't do something properly. I won't do it especially if it affects other people if i'm the only one who reaps the negative effects of something that's done half-assed - pardon the language, that's fine it only affects me but I am and I wish more feng shui consultants or people who put out feng shui information would think the same thing as me in that whatever information that I put out i need to make sure that I don't harm anyone.

And I've gotten this question lots of times like Safrina, are you gonna just I think just yesterday or two days ago but I've been getting this a lot especially now that I'm teaching the flying star certification course people are also asking me about the Chinese astrology certification course even I've been even though, I've been doing Chinese astrology for years and years now. If you guys think feng shui is multi-layered - wait till you study Chinese astrology. It is a mind F and I still even after all these years, I think at least 10 years now that I've been doing Chinese astrology. I still don't feel like I've mastered Chinese astrology enough to teach it's only when I am well versed in all the all the intricacies of the pillars and the combinations and the special locations that they're in. Only then, I will teach Chinese astrology, I am not gonna and that's part of the reason i don't call myself a master even for feng shui. I have not spent my my personal definition of a master is someone who have spent at least half their lives honing their skills in one topic right like my Grandmaster right now in Malaysia he's in his 60s, he's been studying feng shui I believe in his 20s.

That's a master all right i'm in my early 40s. I've done i've read up on feng shui on my own but really like putting the proper feng shui practice into my life and into my consult. My clients lives it's only been 11 years, I think i'm coming up to 12 years now okay i know it's just a number but I feel like I haven't spent enough of my life to call myself a Master in something. So it's very funny when people say - Oh you know, I worked with a feng shui master and when you look at it they were like certified two years ago, I just laugh because that's their definition, my definition is different. In terms of so that's my that's my guideline or my measuring stick in terms of what will I teach what kind of products or services will i put out. People ask me Safrina, why don't you write a book? I tried, I started like four or six years ago I started writing a feng shui book and i stopped because I i don't want to print out a half-assed feng shui book but then to put everything that i know in a book. That's going to take me years and it got really overwhelming and i stopped right. So that so that's the thing so the way I did Feng Shui 2021 or any of my annual training is like I mentioned in my facebook group a few days ago. This is the safest way that I can think of for everyone to do their annual feng shui specific to their home. I look at your layout how many you if you of you guys can buy a feng shui book or read a feng shui article or even attend all the other feng shui consultants annual training and have them look at each and everyone's layout.

Not many but I do it because i want to make sure we get it right for you. So thank you everyone for the amazing comments that i'm seeing pop up here.

Erlinda is asking: Last year I put my salt jar inside of vase, to camouflage from visitors but the saw overflowed, is it okay for me to wash the valves and reuse it or should i throw it away? So you don't need to clean that box you can just put like a new salt cure in there, if you want to wash it. Maybe it's got a lot of crystallizations. If you need to wash it, I would make sure I've got gloves right because you don't want the water or the salt to get on you. And if you whatever that you're washing it with you throw that out let be a sponge or a scrubber or whatever you throw that out after you're done. And the water that you have in there don't throw it down your drain like not down your toilet bowl or your sink. You have to bring it outside and pour it down like a storm drain or something. Or if it's not expensive get rid of it but if it's something that you really like and it's a little bit more expensive then you can reuse it but the caveat is you have to be very very, very careful when you're cleaning it.

I'll be saying, I have two feng shui books that don't they don't agree with one another. How many of you guys know the pain of this? How many of you guys know the pain of this one one book, says this another book says that and you get a third book, you're gonna get something else right well one other reason is one other reason is it could be you're looking at two different schools of feng shui right. One could be fast food feng shui, one could be eight mansions. One could be flying star right so and different schools look at different things, right. Like the eight mansion looks at the sitting of the house, flying star looks at the facing of the house things like that. So that's that's the thing so if you guys have not registered for my free video series, please do that. Actually it doesn't cover all the different schools of feng shui or methods of feng shui but it will help demystify I guess or clear up some confusion why these books talk about different things okay. I have the link over there shui schools series okay. So any other questions before I let you guys go?

Lydia: Does it mean that we can reuse the glass jar? No the salt cured glass jar, the whole salt cure goes. I was talking about the container that she puts the salt cure in never, ever never, never, never, ever, reuse the salt, your jar that has to go.

Patsy says: Yeah, I have gotten sick every time I got salt water cure residue on me. I just put on gloves, wrap it up in a plastic and take it straight to the trash can outside. Yes yeah, it's it's usually like just on the lower side if you accidentally touch it, you'll get like headache or you'll get sick or something but I've had a client where like the the son was playing and accidentally tipped it over and him and his wife they were wiping it with bare hands wiping it with bare hands and only because it's it's natural reaction right, there's water all over so you just take the paper towel and you wipe it and it's only like midway he was like Oh shoot, we don't have our gloves on right uh and unfortunately things in his business went a little topsy-turvy for a little bit there, it was a little touch and go so that's the thing.

What are they there are so many different styles of feng shui there's many explanations for this but it's just --

One so feng shui traditionally was only meant for royalties. This is one of the this is not for all the schools but um i believe, I could be wrong but it could be eight mansions but the emperor the Chinese emperor would have his feng shui master and everything but they did not want their people their citizens to change their lives with feng shui and so there was a command by i forgot what emperor, i'm not really good with my history tells the feng shui master to come up with another method of feng shui to kind of lead people the wrong way okay. And so a school of feng shui it starts out true teachings or true practice but then there's also false information that is purposely being put out there so that the Chinese people don't rise up and change their lives with it so that's one.

And another is a lot of the Chinese feng shui books like the ancient ancient text. A lot of them are like poems right they're very cryptic, they don't say something outright, it's all done in like beautiful poems and all that and so every reader would have a different interpretation of the verses and that's why feng shui scholars would also argue with each other and say no this verse means that no, this verse means some other thing. So that's why there's also different formulas different thinkings and and and all that so there that's why you see those different branches or even within the same school of feng shui. There's a lot of disagreement like even in flying star right the disagreement of basing the period on is it the the year when the first tenants move in, is it the construction year or is it the moving year of the current tenant? So even within the masters of one's method of feng shui. Unfortunately there's still no for a lot of the foundational pieces of information there's a lot of disagreements.

But how do you know if what you're learning?

Is that you're on the right path is look for the proof, look for the results? If whatever feng shui book that you're doing right hopefully, it's classical. If it gives you good results then you can keep going with that author with that school right but even the students who took my certification like I've spent the past decade fixing other consultants mistakes okay. And some of those mistakes resulted in really bad results for the clients and so it makes me so happy when I hear my students now that they've got the same textbook that I learned from a decade ago.

They come away with a textbook and they start doing uh consults on people who have had other feng shui consultants. Meaning they're from other schools and yet my students are able to give the clients the results that they seek right so the proof is in the pudding and that's why i am so grateful to be in the lineage that I am in.

Lydia: Can you elaborate on the flying stars in December when feng shui stars are the monthly stars are doubling with the annual stars. Is there any significance to it? Yes, this is part of the reason why back in, I think September was it. September those of you guys in Feng Shui 2021 I did like a like a quiet little post and said don't panic but start stocking up on food because what i saw in December, in January, there's going to be shortages not just from the panic buying but also logistics stuff right, correct me - I don't remember what month i did that post in the in the private Facebook group, I think it could be September so yeah so the double up so in December. The monthly stars are exactly the same as the annual stars hence why we're seeing a second wave of COVID worldwide because the number seven.

The number seven is illness and stress and loss and the number seven also denotes in terms of body parts, it also denotes the mouth the lungs the respiratory system basically

and this is and and this is why the energy doubling up the the negative energy is going to be doubled and the positive energy is also going to be doubled for December but the negative energy doubling up is more of a concern especially now that we know that it's that there's COVID going around right, that's a great question, Lydia.

I will end the live stream here and so great questions, you guys.

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