No Renovation Directions for 2021

Updated: Apr 6, 2021


Hey, everyone. On today's video, we are talking about the “no renovations direction for 2021”.This is how you Feng Shui. Hello Feng Shui Nation.

Welcome to another installment of my Feng Shui 2021 Series. If you missed my previous video the link, I'll put the link on that somewhere here, Feel free to go over that because I talked about the Afflicted Directions for 2021 and the do's and don'ts relating to that. In today's video, we are talking about the No Renovation Directions and which I kind of talked about in the previous video. But on this one, I want to delve a little bit about what does renovation mean in Feng Shui terms.

So renovation means Earth digging or any housework that is loud. That is noisy. That breaks things apart. So we are talking about digging, cutting down big trees, sawing, nailing, hammering, and things of that nature, tearing down walls, all those things. Okay, on the flip side. There are housework that you can do which is kind of on the not so loud and of the spectrum. Like painting, putting your furniture, all those things are fine. So those activities that are quiet they do not fall under the “no renovation” rule.

Now in my previous video I talked about the Five Yellow which is in the whole of Southeast. The Three Killings, which is from Northeast 2 until Southeast 2. The Grand Duke Direction,

which is Northeast 1 and the Year Breaker Direction, which is Southwest 1. So when you put them all together, these are the directions that are “no renovation”. If you have work that you can that you can leave off to next year, please do. If you have to do some construction work or maybe you need an emergency repair,I would highly recommend that you work with a classically trained Feng Shui consultant so they can do a date selection for you to make sure that you're not doing it in the absolutely horrendous day to start work. They may be able to give some recommendations as well.

You're probably asking and wondering if there are any ways to remedy. If you have to do a renovation in these directions and my answer is not so much. If you absolutely must have a

renovation, you can put more metal in those areas and maybe you can put a salt cure as well just to help absorb some of the negative energy that gets kicked up by the construction,

but honestly though, they just minimize it a little bit. You will still get the negative results from that. What are the negative results? If you have to do work in a “no renovation” direction,

the run the gamut. It could be you going over budget, maybe not so great relationship with your contractor, may be materials being delayed, or maybe one of the workmen getting injured that's on the work construction side, but on the non construction side, especially if you live in the house as the construction is being done, it's the general challenges that can affect your health, your relationship and your finances.

Of all the directions here - between the Grand Duke, Three Killings, Five Yellow

and the Year Breaker - the ones that have to watch out for the the most is the Grand Duke.

If your house is facing Grand Duke, which for this year is Northeast 1. So if your house is facing Northeast 1. Then renovating will result in something that will make you a little bit panicky.I have had a situation where I have a client who already wanted to put in decking.

His house was facing the Grand Duke, which is “no reno”. And the back deck was to be installed in the Three Killings area, which is also a “no reno” so it's triple whammy actually if your house is facing Grand Duke that's already 2 X's against you and if the place that you're actually doing the work is in the Three Killings, that's another X, like XXX in terms of the “no renovation” I tried my best to tell him “Look trust me, just put your back deck in next year”

and he said “I can't, I already spent 10 grand on the materials. I can't keep it

for a year,” and he went ahead with it and what happened a few months after that?

He lost money in his Investments, which is unfortunate because we Feng Shui-ed his home to get optimal. He did get positive results from work. It's just because the renovation was not planned in advance. Not properly planned, then it just took him a few steps back. Right? And so I know those of you guys who are doing renovations, you're going to be like “Safrina, I can't follow all these Feng Shui guidelines. We're building a whole house from the ground up. I'm going to be touching all these directions.” I have a client who's currently building her house, you know from the ground up. What we do is we do a date selection.

Again reach out to a properly trained feng shui consultant for this to make sure that you get the optimal date to start work and as best as you can, you put the remedies. The little remedies that I mentioned earlier and then maybe plan the build as well if they need to do some digging to put in pipe work do it in the month where the Affliction is at its weakest and so on and so forth. It's too much for me to cover in a little video like this, reach out to a classically-trained Feng Shui consultant. Even better if they know how to do date selection as well.

Again, the best solution is still not to reno, but if you have to, when push comes to shove

this is the way that you would do it. It doesn't completely erase the potential negative effects,

but it at least helps you navigate the Feng Shui minefields a little bit so that if anything were to happen, it's something that you are able to sustain. It's not something that's going to

break your back financially, emotionally, relationship-wise and health-wise.

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