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Today I am talking about why you need to stop Practicing Fast-food Feng Shui and why this is the year that you must stop doing so. Hello Feng Shui Nation, I'm Safrina from Feng Shui and Prosper and this is the channel for real Feng Shui for Real Results. This is actually part of my Feng Shui 2021 Video Series. So if you haven't seen my other videos, there's going to be a link for that. But in my previous video I talked about The Afflicted Directions for 2021.

Now the problem is many people out there are still following what I call fast-food feng shui meaning feng shui that is so far away from the original teachings.

That is it really isn't feng shui anymore. The one that really gets my goat is the feng shui school that says that your Romance corner is in the southwest, your Money Corner is in the Southeast, your Mentor corner is Northwest and your Career corner is in the north and so on and so forth. That school just takes the original teachings and just bastardized it like it's so diluted that it's not even recognizable as Feng Shui for those who are trained. At least for the rest of you guys, unfortunately because that school of feng shui is so mainstream that that's all you're really exposed to. This is the video where I need to make it very clear why you need to stop following that school because the energy for this year where classical feng shui is concerned. If you try to combine it with that fast-food feng shui method you will be

getting yourself into a big pot of water, pun intended.

So in my previous videos I talked about Afflicted directions for 2021. There are two directions that I want to bring your focus on in this video. And if you look at the screen here, it would be the number two and the number five in the Southeast. If you guys are not familiar with what I'm talking about, one of the main Feng Shui schools that I practice in my feng shui consulting business is called Flying Star Feng Shui and in a nutshell Flying Star feng shui

basically, it looks like a Sudoku. It's like numbers one until number nine and each of these numbers have their own elements have their timely and untimeliness what happens when they're timely and what happens when they’re untimely and so on and so forth.

Where Flying Star is concerned one of the two more Afflicted numbers are the number two and the number five and this year the number five which is also called the five yellow is in the Southeast this year now, raise your hand or a comment under the video. If you have heard that the money corner for everyone in the world, no matter your layout, no matter your direction everyone's money corner is the southeast, how many of you guys have heard of that? Right and even more dangerously they say - Oh, in order to activate the

money you have to put moving water in there. Put your fish tank, put your water fountains

and oh my gosh, put your pool in there those who you who know me, know I do not like pools. It's really bad, especially if it's placed wrong. So this year with the number five, five yellow in the Southeast if you also put water feature there or any moving water.

Okay, instead of making money, you're actually going to lose money and likely to the point where it will give you panic attacks.

I am being a little bit ‘Doom and Gloom’ in here because I don't want you guys to message or email me. And by the way, I get this all the time people who look back into my older videos

and they're like “Safrina, I should have listened to you. I did not. And one year later things happened.” And all that could have been mitigated if you just follow real Feng Shui way.

And so if you have a water feature in the Southeast Corner because fast-food feng shui tells you that's how you make money take it away, especially this year. The other one that I want to warn you about is the number two in the north. Again, fast food feng shui is going to tell you all the career corner is in the north. It's not so okay, by the way, and the element for the north is water, which is partially true, but feng shui is not as simplistic as that and therefore if you invest with Feng Shui will say well then you need to put water in order to activate your career. Well, like I mentioned before first all, there's no Universal career corner

for everyone for every home. There's feng shui is not Universal. Okay. It's still different homes with different periods and different directions need different feng shui. Not all homes can be feng shui-ed the same way, right? So if you've been told to put a water feature in the north, guess what happens this year? The number two is linked with illness and stress as we go into Period 9, it is getting a little bit more prosperous.

However, the energy of illness and stress is still there. If you follow fast food feng shui and put water especially moving water. You're actually shooting yourself in the foot.

You're going to make things pretty traumatic and dramatic for you and your household, especially where health is concerned and you know in the past year we've all learned that health is everything it's kind of corny to say health is wealth, but it really is what's the point of having money if you don't have your health, right? So this is my PSA for you guys, my public service announcement.

Be very, very careful with water placement. Do not put water without proper feng shui guidance. And again a lot of the feng shui consultants out there have no business taking money in exchange for advice. They're not properly trained.Okay, so look at your home. If you have moving water in the Southeast and in the north this year - take it away. Even if you don't have money to do a personal private consultation, with a properly trained feng shui consultant at the very least, do yourself a favor - take that away. Okay, so hopefully you found some value in this.

Any other questions, feel free to drop your comments under the video and I'll see you I'll see you in the next video

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