Which Feng Shui Direction to watch out for in 2021?


Hello everyone, in this video we are talking about The Afflicted Directions

for the year 2021 and what we should do about it. Welcome back, Feng Shui Nation. If I am new to you and you love classical feng shui meaning real Feng Shui that gives you Real Results. Make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell because I will be giving out new videos every Thursday and make sure you don't miss out on that and on today's video.

We are talking about The Afflicted directions for 2021 which are those directions what you can or cannot do with those directions. And so on and so forth and this is actually part of the Feng Shui 2021 video series that I will be releasing into my channel.So make sure you don't miss out on any of those.

Today in this one we are talking about the directions that everyone needs to watch out for and if you ever wondered how these ever come about like, how do we even know which direction is are afflicted?

There are actually two methods to two methods that as Feng shui Consultants generally use to figure out what other directions that are afflicted for the year. And so if you take a look at the graphic on the screen here, this is the 24 Mountain compass that that I am talking about.

So the thing about classical feng shui the compass is the tool that any feng shui consultant

worth their salt need to have in order to calculate the energies. If you work for a quote unquote feng shui consultant and they come into your home and they don't use a compass - keep your money, walk away. Because if they don't use a compass then they are not doing feng shui. Okay, so if you look at this Compass here, you will see that of course, there's a North the south east west.

There's a Northwest, northeast, southeast, southwest and you will see that all these directions are further divided into three more smaller pieces of the compass pie is how I call it. So the north for instance would have North one, north two, north three. The Northeast will have Northeast one, North East two, Northeast three and so when I talk about The Afflicted directions, I will be referring back to this 24 Mountain Compass over and over again.

Okay, specifically if you're using Flying Star feng shui,

which is one of the methods that we did, predetermine what is the energy that we're working with? So Flying Star is one of the methods that we determine how the energy shifts every year every month even every day. And if you're not familiar with Flying Star it is basically nine, numbers numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, all the way till number eight and nine and all these numbers have their timeliness. Their untimeliness. They have their characteristics both positive and negative. I'm not going to go into that in this video,but I will be picking out a few of these flying stars and that will inform us in terms of what are the negative energies or directions that we need to watch out for this year.

The second method that is combined with the Flying Star to help inform us on what kind of energies are coming for. You know that we can look forward. To negatively or positively is the Chinese astrology and I'm not again not going to go into nitty gritty detail. But if you look at the 24 Mountain Compass here, the 12 of these Compass directions are astrological palaces of 12 Chinese astrological animals, and I'll go into a couple of those in just a bit.

But let's go into the meat of the content, now that you know that a lot of these information that I'm sharing with you here is based on Flying Star and Chinese astrology. So let's get to it. So first and foremost most classical feng shui consultant, especially those who practice Flying Star the first thing that we look at is the most negative 1, which is the five yellow And the five yellow in astrologically it's called a five yellow but also in Flying Star it's the number five and this year. It is in the Southeast Direction. So it is southeast when South East to Southeast three if your friend or your kitchen or your bedroom is here, I would highly recommend that you be extra careful. If you are not house and your friend or is here try to use a different door. Of course, if you're an apartment building or a condo and you're stuck with your Southeast door, then just make sure that you come in and out, right you don't leave the light on, you don't play loud music by the door and things like that.

Okay, just come in and out make it quick and quick and quiet. If this is your bedroom try to sleep elsewhere if you can especially if you already have health issues or if you're pregnant.

Those of you who have followed me for a while. You may remember that back in 2014-2015.

When I was pregnant with my second baby. My master bedroom was hit with that years five yellow and me with my big pregnant belly. I was sleep in my living room couch, on my living room couch. I'm grateful and I'm lucky that my living room couch actually is really, really comfortable. It's wide and deep and very comfortable. I spent most of my pregnancy on that one because I not want to risk health challenges related to the pregnancy or anything happening to my baby. And so if this is your bedroom choose a different bed bedroom to use or sleep elsewhere if it's at all possible for you, or if that's not possible then just use that room for sleeping don't do, you know, don't read or hang out and listen to the music in your room or watch TV. Just literally just do the bare minimum that you need. Need to in that room. If this is your kitchen reduce your usage of the stove specifically because the stove is, you know, if you look at the five elements of Chinese metaphysics, the stove is a fire element and the fire element actually feeds the number five or the five yellow which is an Earth element.

So the more you cook in the kitchen the more you're activating the negative energy. and I know it's going to be hard but what that means if you're if you're open to the idea is just cook outside of the kitchen, right you can use instant pot slow cooker air fryer as much as possible reduce your usage of the actual reduce the actual cooking activity in the kitchen and where the five yellow is concerned in terms of do's and don'ts do not face the five yellow, so do not face the Is Direction this year and if you can reduce the usage of the southeast direction as I mentioned before that would be even better.

So that's the Five Yellow and now we go to the Three Killings. The three killings is astrological. So this year being the year of the ox so you two years where it's snake rooster and Ox years, then this direction will be afflicted. Add three killing Afflicted direction is actually 90 degrees on the compass. So if you look at this layout, it is Northeast to basically 45 degrees on the compass and it goes all the way to South East to which is 135 degrees.

I forgot to mention that Southeast is a no renovation Direction and I'm not going to go into what that means. I have a different video on that. The link will be somewhere here. The three killing direction is also a no renovation Direction. And where the three killing is concerned is for you to reduce usage, but you are able to sit facing the three killings specifically Northeast to all the way till East 3 because remember this part is actually five yellow, right as well.

So you don't want to face the five yellow but you can face the three killings except Southeast one and half of Southeast to because that all that these one-and-a-half direction is also the five yellow.Hopefully you can catch what I'm saying here, but for three killings, it's no renovation you you should reduce you search there, but you can sit facing the three killings.

And next up we have the Grand Duke and this is Chinese astrology as well. You know, how everyone says well this is my year. It's going to be my lucky year because I'm the year of the ox. Well not so fast because if it is your year, then you are actually hit with the Grand Duke

and the Grand Duke would mean General challenges just like the three killings and the five yellow it just throws up. Obstacles your way and so Northeast one is also a no renovation Direction. And so if you look at this part this being the year of the ox if you look at this Compass toe is Ox in Chinese astrology and the astrological Palace of the ox is in the Northeast one area. Therefore the Grand Duke is in the Northeast one where the Grand Duke is concerned you can use the directional Ian, but you should not face Grand Duke.

Okay, so wherever you are, especially if you're sitting and you have a compass in your hand,

you do not want to be sitting the Northeast One Direction.

And again just in case you didn't catch it.

If you want a copy of this compass that you can print out on a transparency and a little bit more information on the degrees for all these mountains.I will put up a link and you can it's a quick opt-in and I'll email it out to you. Okay? So that is the Grand Duke and once we figure out the Grand Duke Direction. The next one to watch out for the next direction to watch out for is the year breaker or the sweep. Whoa, and where the compass is concerned? It is 180 degrees from the Grand Duke. So if you look at the Grand Duke Direction, which is the Northeast one the year breaker will be in the southwest One Direction. Again. This is a no renovation direct, no renovation Direction you can you can sit. It's facing you can sit facing the year breaker Direction and if you can reduce usage of the you break a direction, that would be the recommended path to take and just to remind you your breaker Grand Duke three killings and the five yellow our directions that are not that you should not do any renovations, in additional information on that.

I have another video to show you. Okay, so that's mostly all. Mostly astrological but I'm going to pull you now to Flying Star information. So number seven this year is in the Northwest

and it takes up Northwest one North West to Northwest three. So the number seven generally is mishaps, illness, office politics backstabbing, general mishaps and this being in the northwest corner also. The patriarch a little bit more of this year. So those of you, you need to be a little bit more mindful more self-care, you know, learn how to manage your stress better. And again, if this is your bedroom or your office, try to use a different place if possible and then the other the last direction that I want to cover today is the north which has the number two Flying Star Direction and this is 50/50. There is some prosperity. A link to this but be really really careful. My main concern is actually Health.

What's the point of making money if your health is taking a toll on your health, right? So for those of you who already have health issues, I would highly recommend you to not use the North Area. But if you want to chance it again, this is with fair warning here. But if you're one of those who you know, everyone around you catch us Nicole, but you're okay. Then maybe you can again tread carefully, then you can use the north Direction here because there is some auspicious energy here. So, you're probably going to see that now that we've covered all The Afflicted areas. You're probably going to see that. Rena there, doesn't it doesn't leave a lot of other directions that are good. Well, I have to agree with you. So it makes things really, really tricky the direction that you can most of you and I'm not going to talk about activating with Feng Shui placements here the safest way without like proper Feng Shui guidance the safest way for you to tap into the South the west-southwest to and Southwest three is to use that area more. That's the safest way.

I don't want you guys to put any water activators or what other kinds of activators without proper guidance because as much as Feng Shui is powerful, it can go both ways. Okay, it can be powerfully strong positively it can also be powerfully strong negatively. So, I don't want you guys to say that. Oh wow. I want to activate the the west and The West has the number eight which is Earth element, and I'm going to put a lot of crystals in there. But what if your permanent energy cannot take Earth in the west right when it comes to us activating positive energies, you do need to watch for your permanent energy as well. How you do that? You can join me in Feng Shui 2021 or you can you know get a little bit more training in terms of Flying Stars yourself. That way, you're not going to shoot yourself in the foot.

Okay, so that's basically what I wanted to cover here in terms of The Afflicted directions for 2021. I'll see you on the other side. Don't forget to subscribe like or share this video if you found value in it, and if you are new in the Feng Shui journey, I would love to invite you to up to join me in my free Feng Shui schools video series.

I'm going to share with you the one school of feng shui'd that absolutely everyone needs to stop doing because it really isn't how Feng Shui meant to be done. And I'll also be talking about different Feng Shui schools are feng shui methods that was suit other situations is the link to the video series would be popping up somewhere on the screen

or under the video and I hope to see you on the other side.

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