Why 2022 is NOT The Year For Generalized Feng Shui


Why generalized feng shui should not be done for 2022.

The past two years has been very interesting. It's been topsy-turvy for most of us, for many of us we have to reinvent ourselves, we strategize, rethink what we're doing and how we're doing it because the past two years have been so unprecedented that most of us don't have the luxury of taking too many more hits next year. Even for the ones who have Feng shui and I have to say those who are in my annual training or those who have taken my certification course, there have been lulls but there have also been wins that I am seeing happening as well so while the last two years have been challenging for most of us, it doesn't mean that there were no opportunities, it doesn't mean that there can't be prosperous.

The energy that we can optimize on right now we're in December 16th 2021. If you look back to the last two years even just in your own life right it's always good to take stock what has worked what hasn't worked the ones that have worked for you maybe you can you can keep doing it or maybe retweet the strategy and make it work even better but the things that have not worked maybe it's time for us to let them go. And sometimes we can be a little bit stubborn because even though the things that has not worked be it a situation or a person or a mindset has not worked it's still familiar to us and the familiarity can be a false sense of security. That false sense of security can actually keep us stuck especially if what we've been doing is not working. Now taking that into the feng shui container is me asking especially those of you guys who are still not practicing classical feng shui you're still doing generalized feng shui, you're still trying to figure out feng shui from a book or from a 400 word online aritcle

- how is that working for you?

So there's a bit of a tough love here. Those of you who are new to me or who have not gone too deep into classical feng shui, stick with me because this is the video that you don't want to miss. Those of you who have followed me either in my annual online training or you've taken my certification piece still watch this video hopefully you'll, hopefully you'll still get nuggets from it to reinforce that which you already know. Most of you at this point, you're probably seeing a lot of articles or even books, talking about this chart here which is the annual energy for 2021. How many of you guys have seen recommendations based on this chart? Give me a yes, I've seen it yes or why whatever it is you want to put it. Well, it is not incorrect that this is the feng shui energy for 2022, it does not mean that you do your feng shui merely based on this chart okay. If you guys have not seen it then you have not been exposed to flying star feng shui, this is more of a flying star feng shui method.

In flying star feng shui specifically actually real feng shui real classical feng shui takes in, not just the direction okay, obviously here you see southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest and so on and so forth but true classical application classical feng shui application should also take into consideration the time factor. So this that you see on the screen being the chart for 2022, what does that really mean? You see the southeast has the number four the south has the number nine, the southwest is the number two, the center has the number five.

It looks like sudoku and you're like okay Safrina, I don't know flying star what the heck does this mean? If you want to google Flying Star chart for 2022 you're going to see like I said earlier you're going to see a lot of recommendations so-called experts telling people how to feng shui their house for next year simply based on this chart. And that is just half the story why because there is no way absolutely no way all the millions and millions maybe even trillions of households in this world gets to be feng shui'd the same way. How realistic how logical is it? If you really think about it how is it possible that all these homes in the world following this chart needs to feng shui their home the exact same way? So, if you're seeing a book or an online article or a feng shui practitioner that merely bases recommendations on this very simple chart then you know there's more to it. And what do I mean by no 2022 not being a general a year, to do generalized feng shui, if you look at this chart: let's stick to this chart for now. If you look at this chart the number five is in the center. The number five in flying star is one of the most malevolent number because the number five usually denotes health, relationship, finance, loss, challenges and the number five being in the center is concerning because for most homes the center of your house is usually a hallway, it is usually high traffic.

And I've said this many times feng shui is not just about putting things. It's all about how it's also about how you use a space. So your hallway can be completely decluttered but if it gets a lot of foot traffic because for most of us you need to pass the hallway to go into the kitchen, you need to pass the hallway to go into the bedrooms and so on and so forth. And if the center every space is afflicted and it is high use and the annual energy being one that is afflicted then we all need to watch out. But some homes would be able to withstand the central affliction more than other homes. And vice versa some homes will get a double whammy from this five in the center compared to other homes.

Now those who have watched any of my videos: tell me what makes the difference between the severity of how much number five will afflict or will impact a house? What are the two factors that will determine ultimately determine how much damage this number 5 can make in a house? Put it in the chat okay, exactly permanent energy and the facing direction.

So if you're if you move in period 8 or period seven and depending on which compass direction, you're facing then that would determine whether the number five in the center next year will impact you more or if the number five in the center will impact you less. For those in period eight because most of us are in period eight here at eight meaning you moved into your house.

Okay when did you move into your house if you moved into your house after February 4 of 2004, you are period eight. And if you are facing southwest or north east period eight

here, southwest or northeast if this is you you guys are gonna get unfortunately double whammy from the number five in the center. Because based on your period and based on your facing your permanent energy that is from your permanent energy which is based on your period and you're facing here okay and you have another number five visiting the center that's your double whammy. The safest remedy I can suggest for you guys to do this one no matter what your period and you're facing because I want you guys to be safe. Especially if you can't take any more hits. Do a feng shui salt cure. Last month being November of 2021, how many put it in the chat, how many of you guys felt like it was a little bit of a weird month last month. Yes a lot of issues last month, very stressful.

Because the energy for last month was exactly like this the energy that is like this is only visiting for a month and you're already starting and you already saw how that number five in the center for a month has kicked up a lot of stress for you that's a sign that you need to really be prepared for 2022. Because this energy that you see on the screen here is going to stay for the whole year and I'm not here to panic you, I'm here to prepare you. Don't spin out I'm giving you a bad tip right here which is the salt cure. And those of you who have double whammy for instance your period eight facing southwest or north east and then now this annual energy with the five in the center since we're now in December is starting to take hold which is why I do my annual feng shui thing, right my annual Feng Shui training, I do it every year with you guys in October right those who registered because I wanted to give you guys enough time to prepare for next year, specifically.

One of my students shared a Youtube video about a pretty big Youtube channel, granted she she did say she's not a feng shui practitioner, her channel is more of an interior decorating but she said she followed a master who told her for next year we have to put more earth in the center. Those of you who know flying star, just hearing this someone says a feng shui master says to put more earth, more browns in the center for next year; what do you think will happen? Well those of you who not who don't know why people some are freaking out in the chat that's because I think it's this one here okay number five. Those of you who know feng shui, you really need to know those five elements okay what element is number five.

Put it in the chat, what element is number five okay number two number five and number eight in in here is earth but right now again, we're just looking at number five right now okay so number five is earth and number five is a negative energy right?

If you put more earth which is the same element as the negative energy, you are feeding the negative energy even more and this this video I think it was posted maybe about a week or so ago already got like 42, 000 views - imagine imagine, the damage that this fun bit entertaining video is going to trigger for people who don't know real feng shui. And that is the issue with the feng shui industry, it is rife with people who don't know what they're talking about, no idea what they're talking about. It's huge responsibility. Feng shui is not just fun decorating, people. Feng shui is life changing in a positive manner or a negative manner okay so if those of you we actually had a bit of a discussion in our graduate group about this video, is she and other masters masters in quotes have unknowingly made the affliction doubly strong for people. Especially the ones who are period eight facing southwest or northeast, now they get really strong afflicted energy.

Now I'm seeing from the comment people saying you remedy with earth: yes and no. So this is the thing right so you remedy so two I'm not gonna go through this whole page here okay. I think I actually did it in a separate video maybe last year or something you guys can go back to that video but two five and eight you enhance with earth, you remedy with metal.

But again - that's generalized Feng shui. I'm not gonna ask everyone to remedy their center with metal and those who took my 2022 training, you will know right because it's in your workbook. Not everyone can take metal as a remedy for the number five in the center. Especially if you are facing northwest or southeast, if you put metal, you're actually making things worse as well - no metal.

Why? Because the permanent energy of your home, sorry not period nine period eight because the permanent energy of your home which in this situation, if your period eight facing northeast or if you're facing south northwest or facing southeast the permanent energy of your home if you put more metal, you're actually going to be triggered more illness, more losses, more stress.

Again going back to the topic of this livestream 2022, especially for those of you who cannot afford to take any more surprises - big surprises okay. I mean in life we all have ebbs and flows right but you don't want the big dips, if you can't afford to do that next year you should not be doing generalized Feng shui. For those of you, if this is new to you is it starting to make sense though let me know I know it's very confusing and that's why real Feng shui is not mainstream because there's so many different layers to look at before you even figure out what element you need to put in a certain area. But you guys understand why you should stop watching these videos or should stop reading these articles that only give generalized feng shui. Jennifer's got a question: how do I know my period I have a very, I believe I have a video on that on Youtube as well you can look that up and that's just me looking at the number five uh the next direction that we need to watch out for next year is the west which has the number seven. The number seven in Fying star means loss, competition, health issues, jealousy, office politics, backstabbing.

And number seven for me between seven and two and there's some deferring opinions here but I am basing my opinions on my observations as well. Just like how my Grandmaster wrote his textbook based on his observations okay of the nine numbers, we've already talked about the number five being no good, right? The number two is also generally considered as no good as well negative but in my observation and in fact, I've had my certification students start observing as well the impact of number two and number seven. Which one is more even negative impact more traumatic, more dramatic impact? And what I am seeing and what my students is they're saying that the number seven actually is more stressful, more negative than the number two.

What do you what is the remedy for number seven?

If seven is your kitchen, your front door, your bedroom again you can put a salt cure. The salt cure is the safest remedy because with the salt cure, you don't really need to look at elements. You can put the salt cure in the center and in the west no matter what your period and your facing is because the salt cure is there to only absorb negative energy. It doesn't absorb the positive ones it leaves the positive energy for you to absorb but it will absorb the negative energy on your behalf. If you want to remedy the number seven, what is the element of number seven in flying star feng shui? The element is six and seven is metal but right now we are looking at number seven right. You enhance seven with metal but we don't want to enhance seven because seven is no bueno, it's no good right? And you remedy that with water, okay you remedy with water.

I would prefer that you remedy with actual elements so put a pail of water. You don't have to go crazy. You can put water there but no moving water. Absolutely no moving water. You can put water in the bedroom if it's not moving.

We don't want a fish tank. We don't want a water feature and those of you who have a swimming pool in the west, I get a lot of resistance from people whose homes have swimming pools - you should watch the number seven and what it does next year. And then you can ask yourself is that swimming pool that you are so in love with, is it worth having that swimming pool?

Because whether it's bad annual feng shui or not, swimming pool in the west is not good location. When do salt cures need to be replaced? If it's very crusty then you need you replace it. You just take a look look at your salt cures every month or so if it's crusty you replace it if it crusts up very quickly like within days or weeks of you putting the here you might need strong so you might need one two or more to help absorb that. I know this is a shameless plug but I know you guys are gonna get so much out of this especially for next year. If you guys are not yet in Feng Shui 2022 which is my annual training and if what I'm saying here makes sense, I would highly suggest that you guys join me there okay.

All the live trainings have already happened but once you register you will get instant access to all the replays and those of you who have taken my annual training especially if it's your first time put it in the chat how the experience was for you to finally to, finally learn how to control your home based on your permanent energy. Yeah, Christine says feel better when I joined Feng Shui 2022. Katja says it is not a confusing process anymore everything makes sense i feel protected. Yes, Imelda says the annual training is very enlightening and avoids making too many mistakes. Plus how much do you guys love the Facebook group? I love the Facebook group it is people who finally get the language of feng shui says it's awesome. I do, I love it Christine says love it so much learning a lot. Every question that people post in the group after they go through the 2022 content, they're all great questions. Gene says I am new, great experience. I have done the western school of feng shui, this is different. Yeah, love the Facebook group absolutely yes, Crystal says Feng Shui 2022 is a great way to get the information we need at a very reasonable price. It's like 20 cents a day to get the information. It is $108 but if you break it up it's divided by 365 days, it's 20 cents a day to get that info and the support. The best way for broad idea. Your first baby step into classical feng shui is to join me in Feng Shui 2022, which is my annual training. Again you guys have missed if you haven't registered, you have missed the live training but you get all the replays and you get the Facebook support so once you go through all the video recordings and you know you work through the workbooks and stuff, if you have any questions you have the private Facebook group to ask your questions. And I am, you know you'll you'll get support for as long as there are still questions in there.

All right everyone, thank you so much. Have a great day and here's to a prosperous 2022 for everyone. Again don't panic, be prepared.

If i am new to you and you love classical Feng Shui meaning real feng shui that gives you real results make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell because I will be giving new videos every Thursday and make sure you don't miss out on that.

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